International Fly-in of Aviation Friends MAZURY 2009 AVIATION FESTIVAL
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Visitors may request (contract) the organisers of the Mazury 2008 Aviation Festival to organise:

excursions to Święta Lipka, guided tours of the Wolf's Lair or boat trips on the lakes,


the contractor's special receptions or promotional meetings,


other forms of meetings and events, contracted before July 15th,



Navigation rally in the Land of Great Lakes,

Sightseeing flights around the region,



Transport to the airport.

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The Festival organizers
The local government of Varmia and Mazuria District
Polish Aero Club
The Flying Club of the Land of Lakes

Organisers' Bureau

Aeroklub Krainy Jezior, Lotnisko Wilamowo 11-400 Kętrzyn,
telephone numbers
+48/ 89 752 45 21
+48/ 89 752 30 31

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