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  International Fly-in of Aviation Friends MAZURY 2009 AVIATION FESTIVAL
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  • Ladies and Gentlemen,
    Dear Fellow Pilots

    Between July 31st and August 2nd 2009 at the airfield in Ketrzyn-Wilamowo and Mazury Residence in Giżycko, in the middle of the Great Masurian Lakes the aircraft owners, operators and crews will meet at the International Fly-In of Aviation Friends, to spend an interesting weekend in Mazury.
    In the Fly-In program we prepared interesting social and tourist events in Ketrzyn, Gizycko and Wegorzewo, sailing regatta for the flight crews, car rally and several hours cruise by boat on the Great Masurian Lakes (Gizycko-Wegorzewo-Gizycko.) Enthusiasts of flight shows will be able to watch aerobatic skills during the Mazury 2009 Aviation Festival.
    Our intention was to create an opportunity to relax, get acquainted with great Masurian Lakeland from the air from the water, in a historic perspective (old castles, Wolfschanze ect.), but above all to take care of warm – friendly atmosphere for all the participants of the Fly-In and the Festival. It is supposed to be an attractive weekend, full of different relax and tourist accents.
    I would like to thank all of you who already filled in the application forms for the aircraft and crew for the Fly-In. We would like to prepare ourselves in the best possible way, so we would like to ask all of you, who haven’t applied yet, to do it as soon as possible. The application form is available on our web page www.festynlotniczy.pl/img/zgloszenie.pdf .
    According to preliminary announcements we expect the participation in the Fly-In and Festival of over 100 crews and aircraft.
    We permanently update the program of the event on our web page. www.festynlotniczy.pl . Any additional questions can be directed to our e-mail address: port@lotniskoketrzyn.pl.
    Stanisław Tołwiński
    President of AKJ

  • The Speaker of the Sejm, Mr. Bronisław Komorowski – an honourable patron of Mazury 2009 Aviation Festival

    On January 21, 2009 the Speaker of the Polish Sejm, Mr. Bronisław Komorowski took the Mazury 2009 Aviation Festival under his wing.

  • Mazury 2009 Aviation Festival in Kętrzyn and Giżycko

    In 2009 the Mazury 2009 Aviation Festival broadens its format – it will be organised at two places simultaneously. Wilamowo airport near Kętrzyn and the airport at Niegocin lake near Giżycko will play host to the viewers and pilots. On August 1 and 2 the two places are going to be connected by means of an air passage that will enable the viewers from both Kętrzyn and Giżycko to admire the aerobatic manoeuvres.
    Additionally, the participants can expect a number of attractions accompanying air shows.

  • Thanks

    We would like to express our thanks to all the individuals and institutions, that, by means of help and cooperation, contributed to the success of the 10th Mazury 2008 Aviation Festival, combined with the XII European Rally of An-2 Aeroplanes. At the same time we are happy to inform that the effort made in order to organise aviation events at Wilamowo airport was appreciated by the jury who awarded the Flying Club of the Land of Lakes with a prestigious prize ”The best product and service of Varmia and Mazuria” for the year 2008.

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