International Fly-in of Aviation Friends MAZURY 2009 AVIATION FESTIVAL
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The programe of Mazury 2009 Aviation Festival

On August 1 and 2, 2009 the airports Ketrzyn Wilamowo and Giżycko offer a number of attractions connected with aviation and accompanying the main air shows.

This year the Aviation Festival Mazury is going to be organised at two places: in Wilamowo near Kętrzyn (as usual) and at the airport near Giżycko. Both airports are connected by means of an air passage above Mazury. The visitors will for sure appreciate a vivid character of air shows at Niegocin lake. Staying close to the lake will make it possible to admire the landing of planes on the surface of water.

By visiting Kętrzyn and Giżycko it will be possible to take part in many attractions prepared by the organizers, that is aerobatic manoeuvres, parachuting shows, an exhibition of aviation equipment. As a part of the International Rally of Aviation Friends a rich program for the crews of passenger aircrafts has been prepared. It includes: a number of competitions, cross-country race, lake cruises, aircraft parade.


Organisers' Bureau

Aeroklub Krainy Jezior, Lotnisko Wilamowo 11-400 Kętrzyn,
telephone numbers
+48/ 89 752 45 21
+48/ 89 752 30 31

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