[ 2009.06.01 ] Euroregional-International Rally Along the Airports (Landing Fields) of Varmia and Mazuria
Open Letter

Dear Colleagues and Pilots!     

The Aero Club of the Land of Lakes which is functioning in Kętrzyn Wilamowo airport (former airport of a top secret quarters of Adolf Hitler) in a beautiful Land of the Great Mazurian Lakes has decided to share the riches of the region, the multitude of airports and landing fields, as well as the allure of air tourism with you. That motive inspired us to organise the ”Euroregional-International Rally Along the Airports (Landing Fields) of Varmia and Mazuria” between 11-14 June 2009.

            Enclosed is a framework programme of the Rally for your assessment and organisational plans. The organisation of the plans will, to a large degree, depend on the weather conditions, our combined inventiveness and the atmosphere of the Rally with your active participation. I am sure that we can spend an unforgettable weekend together and encourage the participants of the Rally to successive returns to the landing fields and airports of Varmia and Mazuria in order to spend free time in the ecological surroundings with family and friends.

            Thus, if you have free time between 11-14 June, your plane is airworthy and at your disposal, come (with your family or friends) to Mazuria, to Kętrzyn. If you cannot come for the whole period, try to find some time and join us for at least two days. Which ones? We will try to organise it in the most effective way.

            If you have any remarks, suggestions or questions after making yourself acquainted with the programme of the Rally, please write to s.tolwinski@lotniskoketrzyn.pl, or call +48 501258134. We are willing to take your practicable propositions into account.


            Those who are interested in taking part in the Rally are urgently asked to send an entry form containing: the name of the pilot, the number of crew members, type of an aeroplane with registration signs, the day and, if possible, the time of arrival, as well as some additional information (i.e. where would you like to stay, do you need help with accommodation, do you wish to rent a car, etc.). Having your applications will enable the organisers to plan the logistics of the Rally and the accompanying events.

            By sending the present information and programme, we hereby invite you to the first Rally of that kind and a few days’ social-recreational (with a little bit of competition) stay in the Land aspiring to the Seven Wonders of the World. We invite you to the hospitable airports of Varmia and Mazuria, and especially to Kętrzyn.

            I send my greetings to all of you and I am deeply convinced that we can meet at the Rally. See you soon!


            Stanisław Tołwiński

                  President of AKJ

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