[ 2010.08.09 ] The second day of Mazury Airshow 2010
Although the storms passing in the morning by Mazury frightened appeal final block of shows, it has been implemented in full, and rushed out even better than Saturday. Perfectly extracted during the change of actors of this performance,charming presentation of aircraft in flight, both of these historical and contemporary and breathtaking spectators, even stunning aerobatics demonstration team and individual.
And all this against the background of the lake with sailing yachts scattered and moments of the sky illuminated sun  and dark times since moving in the distance, menacing-looking storm clouds, flashing lightning discharge ...
Before the block shows a bit late on the beach Giżycko flew light aircraft. As in the previous day as the herald of a sky show, flew Cessna on floats, which this time only briefly touched the lake's surface to start almost immediately from its surface and say goodbye to Giżycko departing for home airport. The air show was the first as in the previous day there was a beautiful Daisy is the DC-3 Dacota and like on Saturday flew in the company, but this time only with one plane Jak52 from Lithuania. The program on Sunday, the final show did not deviate significantly from Saturday, but certainly was unique about what those who were not able to see live, can find watching this gallery.


Closing Ceremony Mazury Airshow 2010 at the Amphitheatre in Giżycko

  Aura has proved to be gracious to both the organizers and spectators gathered on the beach Giżycko. The storm not only waited at the end of the show, but also allowed organizers to summarize this year's event, make public some of its characters and officially end it. She moved with great force over Giżycko while after this, when appearing before the audience, the organizers and their guests left the stage. Soon after the airfield Ketrzyn-Wilamowo was empty too. It was sad  to say goodbye, but a year will pass quickly and we believe that we will meet again at the next Mazury AirShow.


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