[ 2010.08.11 ] Mazury Airshow 2010 a new form of promotion of Great Masurian Lakes!
On 7 and 8 August at Giżycko concentrated media coverage and many thousands of inhabitants of the region and tourists. The reason for this interest were the air show, the only of its kind in Europe, this year called "Mazury Airshow". Distinguished pilots, great aircraft, scenery of lake Niegocin and lot of boats on the lake together they created a unique atmosphere. We did not (the organizers) to assess the processes and effects of Mazury Airshow 2010. Of course, we collect their comments and observations to improve the preparation for the next such events. Each comment from observers of the event, sent to the email address port@lotniskoketrzyn.pl will be appreciated and will be considered at the time the final report.
Thanks for partners to support us materially, media patronage, volunteers and organizational team-realization, the pilots of aircraft taking part in events as well as institutions and associations of citie Giżycko (Mazury WOPR or OSP) and the very cultural audience. It's everything together that you can have resulted in a good sense of the work done.
 Regardless of the possible observations,comments, organizers and observers Mazury AirShow have the right  have the satisfaction of the safe execution of a show, while maintaining their undoubted attractiveness.
We have received many letters before Mazury AirShow even for now, for which we would like to thank. Among the letters for "start" Mazury Airshow 2010 received from the Commander of the Air Force, Commander of Land Forces, Voivode of Warmia and Mazury, and the Metropolitan Warminski. Publish their content below!

We realize that the main attractions were Mazury AirShow planes and excellent pilots. So some pictures we will give some images of last air weekend at Mazury in Gizycko.

If you have the insights and comments, please share with us. For the most interesting observations submitted to the above address will have an attractive surprises. We invite you to sent, reportage about Mazury  Airshow 2010 and written language correctly and interestingly, will be posted on the website, and written with verve journalism will be published in aviations magazines and on the pages of the media patrons of the event.

And here is the opinion sent by email to Mazury Airshow 2010:

"Airshow organized by You Mr.,was great!!!
Changing the formula it was bang on !!!!!!!!!!!
M Rogowski"

* * *

"Thank you for the wonderful atmosphere you have created during stay the Mazury Airshow, we recommend us with two aircraft on floats next year".
Robert Biernat"

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