[ 2010.07.24 ] Unexpected visit of The Flying Bulls in Ketrzyn!!!
On the way to air show in Estonia, unexpectedly for managing the airfield, late afternoon on July 23 landed in Ketrzyn four ZLINY in painting characteristic of the Red Bulla.To a great team, The Flying Bulls from the Czech Republic and the leader  Radek Machov. The reason for this visit - filling up drink  aircraft from further route to Estonia. Torrential rain waited under the wings of planes and then a major change in weather conditions (strong storms) altered the plans of the team. Rather than continue the planned flight, the aircraft hangar, accommodation in the Assets Wajsznory, lavish dinner and at last sip of cold beer - in anticipation of the coming hosts (unfortunately by car) from Warsaw.
Early in the morning on July 24 (Saturday) at 6.00 breakfast, relocated from Wajsznory Assets at the airfield, making a flight plan by the leader of the urgency to prepare aircraft for flight to Estonia to catch the scheduled television interview and press conference preceding the air show.
They will come back to us on Sunday (25.07), about 12.30 hours to re-seize the opportunity to tank their aerobatic machines, to fly to Kolobrzeg  where they  planned by Red Bull, another demonstration of their  exceptional skills. See you again and you can finish a conversation about a planned performance at the Mazury Airshow 2010.

And so they (The Flying Bulls), we saw John Szachowicza lens (tireless photographer AKJ) during the air show to celebrate PZL ;Mielec 16-17.09.2008 for which we were also invited. That's caught a few shots!


 Beautiful performance! An unforgettable experience! We returned to the lasting charm Ketrzyn capabilities and skills of the team!

They came back again (as promised - but a little late) to Ketrzyn July 26 (Sunday) to refuel planes before “jumping the air” on the home airport, the Czech Republic. And here is some photos from the air eateries during lunch  ZLINs and portraits of the  (family) team!

Now we are waiting for the air show at The Flying Bulls Mazury Airshow 2010!

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