[ 2010.08.21 ] Plane from the Czech Republic for a weekend in the Great Masurian Lakes!
On Friday afternoon at the airport Wilamowo 2 aircraft landing UL Dynamic with Czech registration marks. The two planes have a nice pair which would like to spend a weekend recreational -touristc, visiting Masuria Miracle Nature. Accommodated in the Assets Wajsznory, equipped by the Airport Honada car, invited to a couple of hours sailing on the Mamry having their Dynamicas, conducted (from land-car, boat - water and plane-air ) quite active penetration of the most beautiful places and Mazur objects. One of the marriages of a very nice couple faithfully visited Masuria because for 25 years enjoyed the beauty of sailing on the Great Masuria Lakes. The second crew Dynamica is the first time but after a fast and a very active weekend in the Masuria are impressed by the charm export tourist region. Both crews flew on Sunday (after Masurian lunch) to their places of residence in the Czech Republic highly satisfied with the idea the air weekend and our region delighted. Relations heard yet fresh daily in the evening and before departure indicated that the miracle of Nature Masuria gained new ambassadors in Czech Republic. Thanking for the nice air guests on our airport at Masuria, we look forward to frequent returns, and offer an even broader promotion Mazur air environment of the Czech Republic. May encourage others to vote in support of the competition Masuria 7 Wonders of World.

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