[ 2010.08.28 ] Welcome to Rally at the airports of Lithuania!!!
Between 11 and 12 September a dozen of Polish aircrews will have the opportunity to meet some very interesting friends from Lithuania's airports. On this nice budding Rally on the  airports  of Lithuania we  invite all pilots who are   intrigued with  the common friendly trip to our eastern neighbor, in the creation and perpetuation of a new form of cross-border tourism aviation. I go to airports of Lithuania quite often and  I am always impressed by the new sensations. So if you find time and opportunity to mobilize the plane , I invite you to rally  team. Rally Framework Programme provides for:
10.09.2010 (friday) - Arrival (to sunset) - Crews Rally  meeting at the Airport Ketrzyn Wilamowo;
11.09.2010 (saturday) - 07.30 departure from the airport Ketrzyn  to airport Sasnava near Marijampole where  opening ceremony and  then departure  for the next airports.Awaits  us interesting proposals of hosts airports: Pociunai, Alytus and Druskininkai, where we  will finish with  the evening meeting;
12.09.2010 (sunday) - departure from Druskininkai to Poluknis and then to Kaunas (Kaunas), where an ending  ceremony is planned of ''Rally at the airports of Lithuania'', and press conference with the participation of Lithuanian and Polish media (participating in the Rally). The likely departure from Kaunas,  approximately 15.00 Lithuana time , ie approximately 14.00 Polish time to Ketrzyn where there will be  a summary of the Polish team and the dissolution of Race.
Due to  a large interest in the planned Rally at the airports of Lithuania notification Rally (for logistical reasons) will be considered only those that affect mail: akj@lotniskoketrzyn.pl parallel on wajsznory@lotniskoketrzyn.pl until 5 September. In the notification, we expect application : type of aircraft, possible cruising speed, registration marks, the name of the pilot, crew names, phone and email address for correspondence.
Please also determine the need for reserving a hotel for the night of 10/11.09.2010.
Greetings to  friend and fellow pilots, I invite you to joint flight to  Lithuania!

Stanisław Tołwiński

The memory of the first phase - The International Rally at the airports of Warmia and Mazury





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