[ 2010.09.06 ] Recruitment Rally crews at the airports of Lithuania, finished!
As announced in the invitation to the Rally at the airports of Lithuania, completed registrations crews willing to take part in an air expedition to the nice friends Lithuanians. Interest in the Rally was - for us as organizers - exceptional. At a joint departure in the planned rally were reported 23 crews and nearly 50 people. Take a look at page www.lotniskoketrzyn.pland  www.ttlot.eu  to enjoy and share information with us who fly. It’s an impressive team and I hope that it will be full of satisfaction for the rally participants, the organizers but a good stimulus for the media “familiarizing” for popularizing the idea of air tourism. Some of the environment must eventually understand the new functions of the General Aviation and that it is appropriately used to measure the expectations of the XXI century.
Welcome all planning to come to Ketrzyn, the airline adventure, together with AKJ during the “Rally at the airports of Lithuania”. We will be (in the AKJ) nice to meet with faith so cool and spend a nice air weekend.
On 10 September we will be waiting for you at the airport Wilamowo! See for participants! Remaining friends will be passed on as far as possible from the course Race relations.

Stanisław Tołwiński

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