[ 2010.09.09 ] "Rally at the airports of Lithuania" impressive "intrigue" to promote cross-border tourism aviation!!!
We completed all team for Rally at the airports of Lithuania. Declared the 28 crews of aircraft, which plans to fly to Lithuania 64 people. A great and very impressive composition! The reputation of all of our Racing also encouraged to submit three aircrews from the Czech Republic. A large part of our racing team is already well known and friendly to me from the airport Wilamowo crew. Had proved successful in our rallies at airports in Warmia and Mazury and earlier air trips to friends in Lithuania.
We look forward to all the crew on Friday afternoon at the Taverna Awiator at the airport Wilamowo. At 19 00 we have planned the information meeting pilots (with teams) choosing a Saturday morning to Lithuania. We count on the presence of all the crews on Friday night because on Saturday morning will be too little time to discuss important issues of logistics of the expedition. We have prepared maps of Lithuania and drafts plans for airports and provided complete information about the airports to visit for all pilots. I am convinced that you will appreciate our efforts to equip each of the crew in the navigation content!
So from Friday noon we will be required for all crew reported! I hope that the variable weather in different parts of the Poland do not intersect the flight plans to Ketrzyn!
Nice to see you at the airport Wilamowo!

Stanislaw Tołwiński

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