[ 2010.09.29 ] Jubilee celebrations of the "Days of Remembrance ... "
This will be the 10th time on October 9, the current working year at the airport Kętrzyn Wilamowo held special events! Our friends know that every year in the October Saturday (closest to 9 October.) we celebrate "The Memorial Day of Stefan Cardinal Wyszynski and John Paul II”
This celebration of a patriotic and civic and religious dedicated to perpetuating the memory of that great Polish man - the Primate of the 1000 th anniversary, and since 2006 also the memory of John Paul II the largest pilgrim of aviation world.
For the uninitiated, it is worth to clarify that Stefan Cardinal Wyszynski in the period of his internment on 6 October 1954, he was escorted by guards, "forced" guest of our airport, where it departed to another place of detention. This fact was an important inspiration for us to choose the period at the airport to cultivate the memory of the 1000th anniversary of the Primate. The program's appeal has always traditionally festive with  flagships and company honorary during which is paying tribute memory  by laying flowers at the obelisks on which they are embedded commemorative plaques dedicated to Stefan Cardinal Wyszynski and Pope-John Paul II.
After a very emotional and touching meeting the next part of the celebration  as usual, will be Holy Mass in an aviation hangar, celebrated with military assistance of the unique spiritual personality and a great friend Airport Wilamowo - Senior Archbishop Edmund Piszcz.
Traditionally, the Honorary Patronage of the event is Cardinal Senior-Joseph Cardinal Glemp and since 2008 also Stanislaw Cardinal Dziwisz, the meritorious service in many years to the Pope.
For all of which  ideals of the title characters are close to the ceremony we invite  on 9 October at the Airport Kętrzyn Wilamowo. Beginning the ceremony at 12 00. Morej information www.lotniskoketrzyn.pl / kardynal.php
Participation in the celebrations and the personal attitude we show an example to the younger generation how to cultivate the memory of the Great Poles how their ideals more widely spread and life of great accomplishments and the great  personalities show in the process of civic education as role models worthy of emulation. This far-sighted civil objective has always prevailed, and still guided by the organizers of "Days of Remembrance ...”. Colleagues pilots I encourage to schedule a special (cognitive-reflective) weekend (8-10.X.) in  the Land of the Great Masuria Lakes  and at least visit the Airport Ketrzyn Wilamowo on 9 October.
So see you at the airport during the next event!

Stanisław Tołwiński

Here is some pictures from event in 2009 year:

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