[ 2010.10.11 ] Cessna Caravan for a weekend at the Hotel Castle Ryn!
 I'm for some time, a great enthusiast of the implementation of a new tourism product - tourism aviation with more intensive use of the possibilities of General Aviation. Such a very good aircraft for weekend breaks and active tourism aviation is a Cessna Caravan. Visible in the pictures below Cessna Caravan for the second time this fall on a Saturday afternoon landed at the airport Kętrzyn Wilamowo. The aircraft safely fastened, a crew and passengers went to the thirteenth-century building of the Teutonic, now the Hotel "Castle Ryn" to spend the weekend in the Land of the Masuria Lakes (northeast Poland). As was evidenced by the smiling faces before departure on a Sunday stay was very enjoyable and before them the last short pleasure (not exhausting) flight to the airport home.
I wonder what is the reason that representatives of the Cessna in Poland, who probably noticed my faith in the possibility of Caravana and activity in promoting do not show interest in the idea that together create a tourist flight to the use of this very practical plane. Dear Member of the Cessna, accept what I wrote as an invitation for greater cooperation to help develop tourism, domestic and international flight with a Cessna Caravan in the lead role.

Stanisław Tołwiński

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