[ 2010.10.08 ] Today begins the "Days of Remembrance ..."
At 17 o’clock Holy Mass in Stoczek Klasztorny (Monastery) begin celebration of "Days of Remembrance of Stefan Cardinal Wyszynski and Pope John Paul II." After Mass, participants will take part in a specially prepared program word and music about the Primate of the Millennium. Then you will proceed with the lights from the Basilica to Calvary Primate in Monastery Garden.
The rest of the celebrations will be held tomorrow at the airport Kętrzyn Wilamowo. At noon after the collection of the company's honorary obelisks, banners, and local residents will be festive appeal. After placing flowers at the obelisks dedicated to Cardinal Wyszynski and Pope John Paul II. participants will embark on an air hangar, which will be celebrated a solemn Mass.
After 14 o’clock will be a concert military band. After the ceremony ended everyone will take advantage of the culinary food military.

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