[ 2010.11.08 ] We completed a series of events in 2010 and we already have plans for 2011!!!
In October, we completed this year (already in the twelfth) cycle calendar of events, which traditionally began in early May. An interesting innovation and gaining popularity of the operation of the Aero club of the Lake District this year became a project entitled. "The inauguration of Cross-Border Tourism Aviation," whose main elements were Rallies: ... the International … at the airports of Warmia and Mazury - in June and ... at the airports of Lithuania - in September.
Joint project with Kaunas Aeroklubas and Marijampole Aeroklubas has become an important opening to promote cross-border tourism aviation opportunities in the aviation General Awiation. Without going into the convention false modesty, you can’t ignore information that realized Rallies organizers were successful and interesting adventure for the participating crews. And there were (crew rallies) much more than we planned! This means that there is demand for this type of initiative and we are very happy with this! It is worth to and should be emphasized particularly warm, kind words and heartfelt thanks to the crews present at the rallies (well-trained, disciplined to meet the set objectives of procedural and navigation, with great personal culture and social life), and hosts the airports in Lithuania and the Warmia and Mazury, which were visited by the racing planes.

The most important and innovative event last season was "Mazury Airshow 2010" made in the water scenery, at the lake Niegocin in Giżycko. We are pleased with the contributions made to us a very warm feedback of our new idea, and received encouragement from many backgrounds to pursue these specific (at the lake) airshows.

Last word from the calendar, was a very special ceremony conducted at the airport Wilamowo for the 10th time. These were the jubilee "Days of Remembrance of Stefan Cardinal Wyszynski and Pope John Paul II" made a very solemn scene (call memory at the obelisk and the Mass at the airport hangar), with the participation of companies of honor, banners and a military band, left an indelible impression on the participants of the ceremony. Latest word from the calendar of events, completely fulfilled the foundation , civil and religious, to the satisfaction of the organizers, guest speakers and all those present at the airport Wilamowo in October 9th.

It was very successful, full of many interesting initiatives season of events and numerous accolades for the AKJ and nice outdoor satisfaction. We believe that thanks to the efforts of many people made a lot of effective work to well serve to promote aviation, tourism aviation and of Great Masuria Lakes. Thanks to everyone who gave us their friendly help, and the media for dissemination of our public mission for the aviation and popularization of the "Mazury Miracle of Nature”.

Drawing on the experience of 2010, the Board of Aero Club of the Lake District already approved plans events for 2011. We will continue Rallies, International Rally of Aviation Friends and Mazury(during which we anticipate Rally seaplanes) and Mazury Airshow 2011. Full information about plans for 2011 in the events calendar tab. All lovers of Mazury and homely air events for the participants are encouraged to plan participation in our selected events. You will always be welcome and our Masuria deserve for your interest!

Stanisław Tołwiński

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