[ 2010.12.25 ] Christmas...Christmas..and after Christmas ... which have elapsed in the aura of true winter!
Ended Christmas and we still have only a few days “old” year and that each of us probably will devote to finishing the implementation of important personal and business matters scheduled before the advent of the New Year. All friends of aviation activity are encouraged to participate in the vote on the Eagles Flight 2010. President AKJ fascinated by the importance of the development of General Aviation in the development of civilization  directed "Open Letter ..." which are given below to ask about his intentions to take it into consideration.

Ladies and Gentlemen! Colleagues Pilots! Friends of aviation activity!
On the initiative of the portal www.lotniczapolska.pl is organized for the first time such a plebiscite the Man of the Year. In the category of General Aviation nominated four people (such notables as   Krzysztof Krawcewicz, Andrzej Osowski, Marek Szufa) and also including my humble person. Regardless of my person (because it's not about "private interests"), I believe the initiative of the plebiscite to be creative to induce a significant interest in people and initiatives supporting the development of General Aviation .
I am writing this letter to encourage knowledge of the rules of the plebiscite and the support of his ideas by taking part in an online vote, which expires on 31 December 2010, the selected candidate in many categories. For reasons of efficiency to reach the capacity to vote, please select: www.lotniczeorly.pl and then the appropriate tab such as Man of the Year, and then General Aviation..
If you find some time to familiarize yourself with the initiative of the plebiscite and vote for the candidate selected will be (my colleagues are nominated and I and organizer of the plebiscite), thank you for your support specific initiatives I think an interesting environment intriguing sites.
All very cordial greeting from the forthcoming New Year and wish you a "high-flying, " many opportunities to bright and happy moments, persistence in achieving personal goals and ... and health, health ... because when it will add everything else will be easier to achieve!

Yours faithfully
Stanisław Tołwiński

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