[ 2011.01.01 ] 1 January 2011 - at the airport Kętrzyn Wilamowo!
Yet it was to hear the last chords of fear when on the morning of New Year-with oxygen to your body - performing official duties visited the airport Wilamowo. View a "dead" airports in the grip of hard snow of winter - as in recent years winters without snow - it is even a little surprising but in its custom-expression, even charming. A few photos below will bring fans of AKJ and few existing airports Wilamowo - winter images.

In 2011, as the snow come down from the airport we will all take it to the realization of a rich calendar of events, a full schedule shows the information contained on our website.
We issued a calendar for 2011 with a share-aid will be counting down the days, weeks and months this year our very intensive air activity.Here's how it looks?

Calendar “Masuria Aviation 2011 "!!!

On the calendar, most of the participants were presented airshows "Mazury Airshow 2010" as follows: The Flying Bulls - Czech aerobatic team of four aircraft ZLIN 50LX, whose leader is a nice "lady of the skies" - Radka Machova, replicas 2 JENNY aircraft, piloted by Mark Szufa (virtuoso acrobatic equipment) and Waldemar Ratyński and seaplane Cessna 172 on floats piloted by Robert Biernat.
Heroes show in 2010 are already preparing for the "Mazury Airshow 2011" which will be held from 6 - 7 August 2011, and again in Giżycko Niegocin lake. We encourage everyone to at that time planned to visit Giżycko! Today we invite you to "Mazury Airshow 2011" and it will be something to see!

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