[ 2011.02.13 ] Offered the unique opportunity! Can be co-owner of the Airfield Kętrzyn Wilamowo!
In the near future will decide the fate of property - Airfield Kętrzyn Wilamowo. Three of my current partners in the ownership of the airfield Kętrzyn Wilamowo (with each of them have 15% ownership of a total 45%) have decided to divest its stake in the airfield. Visitors Airfield Kętrzyn Wilamowo know the potential of well-located real estate in Great Masurian Lakes (northeast Poland).
Area of the airfield is over 217 acres of exceptionally well situated clear approach for aircraft. At the airfield (during World War II, belonging to the super-secret headquarters of Adolf Hitler), already well known in Europe of today's initiatives - the international air events, there are many investment opportunities.
You may consider restoring the old (historical) bars but make a new belt with a length of 2,200 m with a total weight up to about 80 tons. This can be comprehensively serving the airfield (charter airplanes but the General Aviation), tourism to the hotels of Great Masurian Lakes (because it favors proximity Giżycko,Mikołajki, Węgorzewo, or Mrągowo Ryn), but also a large and attractively located airfield is the possibility of building a hotel -Congress or / and settlements department at the airfield (Masurian consent holder) in the world known as Air Park. Of course there are many other options to develop the business but we can talk of a major potential partner ready to redeem the above-mentioned co-ownership shares in the airfield.
I will be available to interested and willing to answer any questions sent by e-mail address: s.tolwinski@lotniskoketrzyn.pl
A very warm greeting to all readers!

Stanisław Tołwiński

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