[ 2011.04.10 ] 1st Anniversary of Tragic Smolensk Plane Crash
Early Sunday morning, 10th April at the airfield Ketrzyn Wilamowo attended all representatives of local governments, officials of the Border Guard, the Police Department and the Military, the clergy and the local community.

At 8:30am was the complete readiness of all gathered at the airfield to celebrate the first anniversary of tragic Smolensk plane crash. Border Guard officers in the company of honorable and flag bearers, fire trucks, an orchestra and a lot of people staring at the obelisk, "Victims of plane crash near Smolensk" awaiting the signal the start of the ceremony.

Rusty - "bleeding" and ripped the plane along with appearing in a symbolic place - the silver Eagle - National Emblem - continues to resemble the dramatic - unimaginable sad event, not only for many families of victims of the disaster. Guard of honor (Border Guards, Fire, Police, and Scouts) at the obelisk highlights the uniqueness of the circumstances of meeting many people in this day at the airfield.

Terrifying, 60-second "roar" sirens of fire engines at exactly 8:41am electrified all those present at the airfield Wilamowo. This was the starting signal Memorial Appeal, which symbolically refers to the exact time of crash the year before.
Raise the national flag to the sounds of the national anthem gave a very patriotic expression. Prayer for the victims of catastrophe sent the thoughts of all gathered at the Appeal of Remembrance in the sphere of individual feeling and reflection on the fragility of earthly life. Presentation by the Starost of the city Kętrzyn Tadeusz Mordasiewicz and reading the list of victims of the crash at Smolensk airport was completed salvo of honor companies with the Border Guard which gave strong emphasis of motivation for the ceremony. Placing of flowers at the Obelisk, together with a hint of patriotic songs ended Anniversary Memorial Appeal!

In today's day we celebrated together, and we will always remember the victims of the catastrophe at Smolensk airport, but our desire is that this was the last of this type of opportunity! We do not want more painful casualties and new developments in the national discord!
With deepest respect and remembrance of the victims, and gratitude for people who proudly refer to national catastrophe at Smolensk!

Stanisław Tołwiński

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