[ 2011.07.14 ] Preparations for the Friends of Aviation and Masuria International Fly-In & Mazury Airshow 2011!
After many years (13) initiatives Aero Club of the Lake District has become an international tradition of the August meeting pilots in the Great Masurian Lakes, at the airport Kętrzyn Wilamowo.
So Is coming another chance meeting on Masuria at the Friends of Aviation and Masuria International Fly-In (4-7.08). which finale held on 6 and 7 August will be demonstrations of air-boating "Mazury Airshow 2011". If you do not have planned to visit at this time, Masuria, it's time to take this decision and report participation in the airport meeting friends. On behalf of the Aero Club of the Lake District, Provincial Government of Warmia and Mazury and the Giżycko City and Municipality Gizycko I invite you to "Masuria Wonder of Nature," on ... Meeting of ... and air show "Mazury Airshow 2011".

Full service information about the planned air shows will be posted at: www.mazuryairshow.pl but will also be presented supplemental information on our block. If they were needed additional information, please mail to: wilamowo@lotniskoketrzyn.pl and DW akj@lotniskoketrzyn.pl and organization office will try to give further explanations. Some information, such as an open letter, programs and Masuria Airshow presented below. With the hope of meeting
Stanislaw Tołwiński

Open Letter - Invitation
Program Mazury Airshow 2011

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