[ 2011.09.08 ] International Rally at the airports of Lithuania 2011


"International Rally at the airports of Lithuania 2011"

08/09/2011 - Thursday



Arriving crews to Ketrzyn - realization of the individual, as suggested by the crews, assisted or arranged by the Office of Tourism "FlyTour".


Accommodation in hotels and guesthouses in accordance with previous applications crews.


Integration evening at Tavern Aviators

09/09/2011 – Friday (1st day)


–    Briefing - preparing aircraft for departure from Ketrzyn.


–    Flight to the airport Sasnava near/ Marijampole


–    Grand opening of Rally (Opening hours and further by time Lithuanian)


–    Flight to Druskininkai - landing scored


–    Stay and visit the ski resort "Snow Arena" in the Druskininkai and lunch


–    Flight to the airport in Pociunai - landing scored


–    Cruise on the river Niemen, visit Birżstonas


–    Accommodation


–    Integration meeting in the Tavern "Debesota" at the airport

10/09/2011 - Saturday (2nd day)


–    Briefing – overview the program


–    Preparing aircraft for departure.


–    Flight to the airport Moletai (landing scored)


–    Stay at the airport in Moletai


–    Flight to Birziai (landing scored)


–    Stay in Birziai by program hosts


–    Flight to the Istra Airport (landing scored)


–    The program proposed by hoss, in the aviation bar


–    Accommodation


–    Integration Meeting at the airport in the Tavern

11/09/2011 - Sunday (3rd day)


–    Briefing


–    Preparing aircraft to departure


–    Flight to Panevezys (landing scored)


–    Stay at the airport Panevezys


–    Flight to Kaunas (Kovno) - scored landing


–    Meeting in Kaunas Aeroclub


–    Visiting the old town of Kaunas and lunch


–    Official end of Rally, the announcement of competition results


–  Departure from Kaunas to Poland and Lithuanian crew departure


Objective of the Rally

1. Show many attractive places using existing airports and airstrips in Lithuania;
2. Organizing an attractive aviation weekend;
3. Creating a friendly rivalry in the competition in accuracy landing at the planned airports - aerodromes in Lithuania;
4. Integration of Polish and foreign crews in under a separate program;
5. Wider promotion of air tourism in the area of ​​cross-border and, interesting possibilities attractions of Lithuania;
6. The mission of the promotion campaign "Masuria Wonder of Nature" and vote in Lithuania in the contest 7 New Wonders of the World.

Place - Rally Route

1. Rally Base - airport Kętrzyn Wilamowo.
2. The planned visit airports (airfields): Sasnava near / Marijampole, Druskininkai, Alytus, Pociunai, Moletai, Birżiai, Istra, Ponevezys, Rajunai and Kaunas.

Conditions of participation:

1. Qualification for Rally will be based on the sent notification - the aircraft and crew, according to the attached form on page: www.lotniskoketrzyn.pl.
2. The plane and the pilot must fulfill all the criteria, "Air Law" and regulations of the President of the CAO.
3. Accommodation and catering the crew will secure themselves or by request to the Tourism Office FlyTour.
4. Participation fee: 50,00 zł per person (the crew reported aircraft), paid into a bank account of the Aero Club of the Lake District.
5. Participation in the Rally will be classified (for the issuance of the certificate) for the crew, who shall pay the fee and implement a program of at least 2 days;
6. Willingness to actively participate in the rally.

Final suggestions

The planned rally has create an opportunity to experience new airstrips, and exciting travel opportunities. But the most important part of its course we would like it to be nice - chatty atmosphere and friendly rivalry in the planned competitions.
About the Rally will be published on the website www.lotniskoketrzyn.pl and www.ttlot.eu and sent to the e-mail addresses.
Secretary of the organizational preparations for Rally will be Iwona Doroszko (e-mail: wilamowo@lotniskoketrzyn.pl or akj@lotniskoketrzyn.pl, Tel: 500-360-602 0, 89 or 89 752-45-21 752-30-31).

The notified crew

The crews from Poland notified to the International Rally at airports of Lithuania 09-11 September 2011.


No. Type of aircraft Marks Pilot Country
1 Morane 893E SP-FRZ Stanisław Tołwiński Poland
2 Cessna 172 SP-KST Dariusz Moćko Poland
3 AN-2 SP-KTK Jerzy Kwieciński i Henryk Szaliński Poland
4 Cessna 182 SP-SKL Zygmunt Kuczyński Poland
5 Morane 893E SP-NKA Andrzej Kosmalski Poland
6 Cessna 337 Skymaster SP-KFR Roman Sadowski Poland
7 Cessna 172H SP-FLR Jacek Marchlewski Poland
8 Cessna 172 SP-KUW Wiesłąw Kusiak Poland
9 FK-9 TG SP-SYZR Stanisław Kłyk Poland
10 Fantazy Air Allegro 2000 OK-JUU 13 Michał Stolarz Poland
11 Cessna F152 SP-MAN Andrzej Nastaziak Poland
12 TECNAM P-96 Golf SP-YAS Roman Geldarski Poland
13 Cessna 182S SP-KMM Stanisław Pergieła Poland
14 Cessna 182 SP-KHF Mirosław Danik Poland
15 Cessna 182 SP-KHO Wojciech Czarnomorski Poland
16 Cessna 206 SP-OAM Mariusz Mruk Poland
17 Cessna 172H D-EGDO Monika Płocke Poland
18 Morane M-883 SP-KHB Bogusław Kafarski Poland
19 Morane 894E SP-KBE Waldemar Banaś Poland
20 Socate TB 10 SP-MPM Wojciech Górzny Poland
21 Cessna 150 SP-FMV Dariusz Koźniewski Poland



Senior Commander - instructor pilot Jerzy Kwiecinski
Commander of the Rally - pilot Stanislav Tołwiński
Rally Navigator - pilot Dariusz Moćko
Fuel Protection - Anna Piórkowska (biuro@lotniskoketrzyn.pl, tel 503 172 816)
PR Matters - Kamil Purłan (k.purlan@mazuryairshow.pl, tel 504 27 52 26)
Secretariat - Iwona Doroszko (wilamowo@lotniskoketrzyn.pl, 89 752-45-21 or 752-30-31

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