[ 2011.09.22 ] Training parachute - Airport Ketrzyn Wilamowo

From today (22/09/2011) at Airport Wilamowo takes first stage parachute training. The training is organized by Stanislaw Tołwiński - Chairman of the Board Military Park Foundation, with financial support from the Ministry of Defence (MOD) - as a public task and organizational - the Lake District Aeroclub and Aeroclub of Warmia and Mazury.
Young people participate in the training of secondary school class from Orzysz. Youth in military uniform under the command of Major Benedict Bartnikowski has been efficiently implemented to new tasks by an experienced parachute instructor Arek "Miki" Mikulski from the Aero Club of Warmia - Mazury. Started the first stage of the course is theoretical. Participants will be introduced to, inter alia, the construction of the parachute as well as with all rules and safety preparations prior to and during parachute jumping. The basic element is to teach practical knowledge and solving possible problems in the air.

The participants with attention and willingness listening the instructor but in the depths of the soul can not wait when they are able to jump. For this, however, they must wait a bit. Theory is an essential element of the course. Everyone must learn the basic principles which will be able to keep them safe during jumps.
Below are some pictures from the first day of training activities.

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