[ 2011.09.11 ] The next International Rally at the airports of Lithuania finished!

Sunday 11 September is the last day of our rally at the airports of Lithuania and foreign missions "Masuria Wonder of Nature"!
We like our friend Algimentas, guided by our sympathy to the Lithuanian leader, we get up early in the morning to realize a tight program waiting on the last day of the Rally.
Unwilling to hurt Algimentas, without conviction we went to one of the airports Ponevezys where Algimentas necessarily planned meeting with the designer of aircraft and the twin-engine airplane demo - last work, the construction of new aviation enthusiast. This constructor and the pilot was Vladislovas Kensgaila. He presented to us his latest twin-engine aircraft, which currently carries out flights as experymental in the trials. Presented operational parameters of the aircraft very interested us.
However, the designer made ​​a great impression on us, and I am certainly appreciative for passion Vladislovas and his achievements. I thought it would be worthwhile to present such a wonderful character during next Mazury Airshow 2012.
After seeing the aircraft presented, and the museum-hall tradition Ponevezys Aeroclub and transmission of all materials promoting the action of voting in the contest for Masuria Wonder of Nature, we arrived at airport ISTRA to fly to Kaunas.
After the morning's action at the airport ISTRA-promotion vote "Masuria Wonder of Nature" we went all to Kaunas. In Kaunas, together with a guide we visited the Old Town. For many of us stuck in the memory an interesting story with some love affairs of the period of Adam Mickiewicz. If one of our readers will want to know the relation of this story, should go for a weekend to Kaunas.
Walk through the Old City ended with a fast lunch, and then the whole team was transported to the airport Aleksotas, where were our planes. Time chased us, because we all wanted to go back to Poland on the same day just before official sunset.
In the Tavern Kauno Aeroklubas took place a short summary of the course of the rally and were given certificates of participation in the Rally for all crews. A short presentation of promotional materials and agitation vote "Masuria Wonder of Nature" became the final performance our mission.

Special word of thanks were directed to Algimentas Zentelis - the leader of our air travels at the airports of Lithuania. Algimentas put a lot of organizational effort in our stay in Lithuania. Algimentas please, do not forget that you're grateful for everything what you have done for us during the rally. Thank you!
In writing these words on Sunday evening, I already know all about arrival crews to their home airfields. As the inspirer and organizer of the rally I have a lot of satisfaction that I had the opportunity to spend 3 days in a very nice team, which gives all went back to their homes successfully happy. Of course, in the near future we will try to post pictures from the rally. I hope you will be patient in waiting for the photo gallery from the rally. Yours sincerely for all participants of the Rally,

Stanisław Tołwiński

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