[ 2011.10.16 ] End of the season events!

According to our calendar (AKJ) Event - October 08-09 is "Epilogue - end of season events at the airport." As we have noticed from earlier information, October 8 was a great and very important patriotic and civic celebration with religious influences as "Days of Remembrance of Stefan Cardinal Wyszynski and Pope John Paul II," which was realized already the 11th time.

However Sunday's day (10.09.11) - elections to the Parliament and Senate - we spent on implementation of several flights over the beautiful land of the Great Masurian Lakes. Impressions of flight winners: the route of Sztynort, Węgorzewo Gizycko, Mikolajki and Ryn are difficult to describe in short our scrap. It is worth imagined view of shimmering waters and golden leaves of autumn color trees surrounding the lake. It was a beautiful Sunday, full of impressions and enjoy the charms of Mazur - from the plane!

However on Friday (13.10.) Morane aircraft SP-FRZ "found" in the hands of some excellent pilot Tadeusz Sznuk (better known as a radio journalist, lecturer television program, Masuria airshow commentator), with whom together have decided to jointly visit the airports in Warmia and Masuria - in a sense, as a farewell season and beautiful Masuria. Not everywhere where we planned that day managed to get, we visited the beautiful forest Babice Grady airport, near Ostrowia Mazowiecka to talk about our (AKJ), preparations for next year's aviation raids on the Warmia and Masuria.

Today (Saturday, 15/10/11.) together with Henry Szalińskim (Vice AKJ) we did air reconnaissance of area planned Goldap Botkuny airport. Following the recent talks in Gołdap, with the participation of Mayor Gołdap Mark Miros and Deputy Agricultural Property Agency (from Suwalki) developed a serious reasons for the establishment and already in 2012 Gołdap airport.

If this happens, already in July 2012, together with the Mayor of Gołdap we will invite aviation friends on a unique aircraft Rally, domestic and foreign as planned ... on airstrip Goldap Botkuny. To find out how the area looks out to the airport reserved Botkuny, we present below some pictures from air reconnaissance.

As you can see from the above information, events of this year's season is over but the AKJ already working on plans for events, and aviation operations in 2012. Soon on our website will be published a calendar of events and it will be new - interesting suggestions for many aviation enthusiasts tourism. By the way, these few words, I would like to personally thank everyone for their kindness to the AKJ, the personal involvement of many wonderful people in the realization of our calendar of events and initiatives of all our airports. We are pleased to be aware that our efforts to create new forms of tourism, met with the approval of Warmia and Masuria Regional Tourist Organization. Aero Club of the Lake District for the air rallies was identified as a special award "Tourist Product of the Year 2011". Being pleased with this victory we wrote about this already in the proof of the recognition of news from 30 September. Advantage of the opportunity I would like to stress once again that it happened thanks to the efforts of many persons involved in AKJ.

With words of recognition and thanksgiving for the support.

Stanisław Tołwiński

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