[ 2011.09.23 ] Another day of parachute training - supported by the Defense

Today is the second day of theory training, parachute jumping, organized by the Military Park Foundation. Young people hungry for knowledge after breakfast punctually at. 10:00 a.m. appeared in the room of the lecture, listen intently to the advice and learn the basic elements needed to complete the first "steps" in the clouds.

Today carried out a second seizure experienced skydiving coordinator - Mr. Krzysztof Kalinowski from Warmia and Mazury Aeroclub. The instructor talked very clearly about all the elements needed for the safe conduct of air operations jumps. with commitment young people wrote down, and some tried to capture in focus all essential parts of speech instructor.

During this day, instructor familiar with the construction of aircraft, showed the method and gave advice on how to behave during the flight. This is a very important element for young people who do not have the experience until now that they can independently and safely perform most importantly for the first time such operations. Taken a few exercises like jump out precisely with AN-2 and how to behave when you leave the aircraft during flight. The instructor also told about cases that may happen during the jump.

Today ended up training element. Next week Course participants will appear again to pass an examination of what they have learned not only in theory but in practice. It is an integral part of this to start the second stage of training - a practical stage.

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