[ 2011.10.09 ] XI Days of Remembrance ... at the airport Kętrzyn Wilamowo!

Although cold on Saturday noon (8.X.11) Airport Wilamowo began fulfill by school children and residents of Ketrzyn and Kętrzyn county. At the ceremony arrived: Company of Honor from 15 Gizycko Mechanized Brigade, Army Ground Forces Band in garrison Gizycko and represented delegation with the mail flagships and several fire trucks - Fire Brigade. Arriving at the airport distinguished guests with the garlands and bouquets of flowers, confirms the uniqueness of the ceremony. As always a very nice accent to begin preparing the ceremony was a short concert by the orchestra. At that time occupied all their positions, and invited guests arrived.

Punctually at 13.00 spoke - the initiator of the ceremony (from 11 years) President of the Aero Club of the Lake District - Stanislaw Tołwiński, reading with great attention a passage from "Prison Records" of Stefan Cardinal Wyszynski. After these words in 30 seconds. - fire trucks sirens sounded. For the present, this accent made ​​some impression of metaphysical connection with the events of years distant, to which we refer today.

Continuing the start of the ceremony the President of AKJ quoted the words of Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski constituting the motto on the obelisk:

"... A man is responsible not only for the feeling which has for others, but also for those that in others awakens ..."

Referring to this maxim the Primate of the Millennium said that already the 11th time, we give example, how we should cultivate the memory of important events and the Great Poles. To emphasize the importance of the patriotic and civic celebrations, the rhythm of the national anthem national flag were raised, and after this ceremony, the delegation of the National Council of Senior Citizens Aviation, and Aero Club of the Lake District laid flowers at all obelisks "Scenic Remembrance Gallery" located at the airport Wilamowo. Placing symbolic flowers in all obelisks become a tradition every official ceremony at the Airport.

Ending the opening Ceremony of Appeal President Stanislaw Tołwiński asked to speak by Zygmunt pralate Klimczyk - Chairman of the Organizing Committee of "Days of Remembrance ...".

The priest prelate speaking out very thoroughly presented the facts giving rise to the organization of this year's ceremony, he made substantially to the person beatified John Paul II and Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski, to which is a special occasion , and already once again it is dedicated. Ending a very interesting speech warmly welcomed arrivals at the ceremony, "Days of Remembrance ...". After the occurrence priest, started the submission stage of bunches of flowers at the obelisks. Adolf Setlak prelate accompanied by priests from parishes kętrzyn laid wreaths at the obelisk of John Paul II and then Primate of the Millennium. Next, the flowers consisted local authorities, associations, youth scouts, schools and invited guests.

Placing flowers at the obelisks ended ceremonial appeal. Then there has been a regrouping of all gathered to aviation hangar - celebrations of the Word of God and the occasional brief appearances of youth.

Stenography for the second part of the ceremony impressed presents.. Hangar was decorated with the military camouflage nets, between two massive An-2 was a scene behind her portraits of the heroes of celebrations and commemorative photo exhibition dedicated to the Cardinal Stefan and John Paul II. Hangar floor and the stage was decorated with autumn leaves.

The finale celebration was carried Liturgy of the Word of God headed by Adolf Setlak priest, representing the Metropolitan Warmiński. The musical setting of the liturgy secured from the church choir of St. Catherine in Kętrzyn, supported by a military orchestra.

After the ceremony ended in hangar, all participants in the ceremony went to taste the prepared hot meal. Tea warmed chilled body, bigos starvation, and the whole ceremony and family atmosphere will surely remain in the memory of many participants.

Looking back of the progress ceremony we would like to thank everyone who came and invite you for a next year.

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