[ 2011.10.11 ] Epilogue ... rivalry the election President AKJ to the Senate in District 87

On 4 October the news, signed by Adam Dzieciol - AKJ Director under Tit. "Our candidate to the Senate," the announcement appeared in my contest for the Senator's mandate in the district of 87 covering the most important districts of Great Masurian Lakes. What were my motives participation in elections, as has been widely shown on page www.stanislawtolwinski.pl, on which you can visit to remember the essence of treatments, of Senator's mandate.

And now only the results of elections in my constituency covering the counties of: Ketrzyn, Mrągowo, Pisz Giżycko, Węgorzewo, Goldap, Olecko and Ełk. Was given: 122 153 valid votes of which 17 374 persons (14.22%) accept my candidacy as a result, it was the result of the third of six candidates.

Being aware of as numerous voter support for me, I would like to thank all who supported my candidacy for putting a character with my name on the voting card. This support requires me to continue to support the promotion of Masuria, but also influence the development of aviation infrastructure, available for General Aviation. Please accept my assurance of continued active and effective work for the Masuria. Participation in the elections to the Senate had only strengthened the position of the conversations and actions arising out of my passion, but of international importance for future communication with the land of the Great Lakes. It was also very informative adventure through the many as yet unknown problems in the region. I am convinced that contained knowledge and learned new opportunities will inspire me to new social challenges.

Many thanks are due to Voters for Election Committee: Members of the bipartisan Senate Masuria, who notified me to rivalry the election and chaired by Wieslaw Pietrzak, directed by express election campaign. I feel also required to the members of the Committee for the Support and especially against Tadeusz Sznuk, colleagues from the AKJ (Adam D. and Sz. Henry.) Helpers, my daily election assistants (Tadeusz B. and Adam M.), and many people selflessly supporting me in during the campaign. Addressing all these people very please, take this road my sincere thanks for your advice, help and presence with me in the pre-election period. I am and I will be at your disposal, not only today but in the future! Certainly what we have done together during the election campaign, certainly further work will pay off in the Lake District Aero Club, and my personal understanding of the needs for the creation and development of aviation infrastructure of Great Masurian Lakes.

Respectfully to all for your kindness!

Stanislaw Tołwinski

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