[ 2011.11.13 ] Considerations - Calendar of events in 2012!

At the airport Kętrzyn Wilamowo we finished the season events in 2011. It is time to think about our calendar of events to realize by the Aero Club of the Lake District in 2012.
Due to the fact that all may take into account the intentions of our Aero club in their plans, we have prepared to a wide consultation draft of our plans.

Calendar of events draft
season 2012

10.IV The appeal of Remembrance "Victims Catastrophe in Smolensk"

28.IV-6.V Spring weekend in Masuria

1.V Prologue - Aviation Picnic with the Army

1-2.VI International Children's Day at the airport

7-10.VI IV International Rally at the airports of Warmia and Masuria

11.VI Feast of the Aero Club of the Lake District

28.VI-1.VII Rally at airports of Czech Republic and Hungary

13-15.VII Rally: "Kętrzyn - Gołdap 2012"

(alternate date 20-22.VII)
Cross –border Aviation Rally "Druskininkai - Gołdap 2012"

2-5.VIII XIV The Friends of Aviation and Masuria International Fly-In

4-5.VIII Mazury Air Show 2012

7-9.IX International Rally at the airports of Lithuania

5-6.X The Memorial Day of Stefan Cardinal Wyszyński and John Paul II

6-7.X Epilogue - end of season events at the airport Wilamowo

Presenting on our website our intentions of air events, please comments and suggestions that we surrender to the attention of the Board of Aero club. For all the comments sent to the address: port@lotniskoketrzyn.pl we will be grateful.

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