[ 2012.03.03 ] Hope for ... new victory The Great Masuria lake AeroClub

We have submitted our innovative project of "The inauguration ... Tourism Aviation" to the Competition "Beautiful Poland..." in the category of cross-border and international tourism. The competition rules provide to interested. Our application was met with interest organizers of the competition, as nominated (still among two others in this category) project to direct the possibility of personal presentation in front of Chapter of the entries. This is a very significant success and we are excited!

Standing before the Jury of the Competition, I presented all of which is the reason for our satisfaction because of the original idea for aviation tourism. Prepared and implemented (in the final of the nominated project) - the idea of highly successful international rallies at the airports of Warmia and Mazury and Lithuania can also look forward to further a particular ennoblement in the Competition Beautiful Poland - 7 Wonders of the European Funds. But about this we will find out - May 10 in the Ministry of Regional Development during the ceremony accompanying the V Forum of European Funds.

We wish kindly opinion to our final competitors ... and of course we look forward to personally appreciate the uniqueness of the proposed project by the AKJ.

Stanislaw Tołwiński

Regulations V Edition of the "Beautiful Poland - 7 Wonders of European Funds"

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