[ 2012.03.16 ] Mazury AirShow at the session of the City Council Giżycko

At the airport Wilamowo grass runways are ready to receive the first aircraft visitors in Masuria this year. All external (not only at the airport) signs indicate that very quickly spring is coming ... and Giżycko already talking about the most important aviation event of the summer season. Although still about "Mazury Airshow 2011" but in reference to plans for another edition of the unique "non profit" air show, taking over and on the lake Niegocin. Demonstrations involving historic aircrafts (including seaplanes) and great pilots - domestic and foreign.
On 15th of March a delegation of AKJ (President Tołwiński Stanislaw and Director Adam Dzięcioł) during a session of the City Council has made a multimedia presentation effects "Mazury Airshow 2011" as well as thanked for material support funds from local government budget and help to many municipal institutions.
A few photos from AKJ delegation's stay in front of City councilors Giżycko presented below.

As a sign of appreciation AKJ for city government, was given at the hands of Mrs. Mayor of Giżycko (a special leather bound) album documenting the most important events of the past very kindly mentioned Masuria air shows.
In response to this kind gesture, the Mrs. Mayor has expressed a high evaluation of our shows by the local government and residents of Giżycko and provide financial support for next air show in Gizycko.
So, encouraged by the authorities of City Giżycko willingly go about to organize planned for the 4th and 5th of August "Mazury Airshow 2012". Our friends and supporters we encourage you to plan a presence in the Great Masuria Lakes during the next edition of our event. We invite everyone to visit Masuria where relaxation is intriguing and air shows give a lot of satisfaction!!!

Board of AKJ

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