[ 2012.04.10 ] Second Anniversary of Smoleńsk… at the airport of Wilamowo!!!

In the early morning of 10th April 2012 about 8:41am there was a meeting taking place at the airport of Wilamowo due to the crash of the TU 154 in Smoleńsk cathastrophy. Symbolic actions of this tragic event started with deep and high sound of Fire Brigade’s cars siren. It was very particular signal telling us to start an anniversary of this memorable day.

President of AKJ Stanisław Tołwiński started his speech with words: "They flew to honor victims of murdery in Katyń, but with their tragic death in the morning of 10 April 2010 they’ve stated a new meaning of slaughtery of Polish Officers in 1940 (…)" He finished with very meaningful words after he had introduced gathered people with the entire victims list: "As we stand here next to the obelisk in the airport of Wilamowo in the day of second anniversary of tragedy in Smoleńsk we do give an evidence that we remember about the graceful passengers and the crew of TU 154 plane, since we keep the memory of this sad event equally in our hearts and minds. " Mr. President Kaczyński! Mr. President Kaczorowski! By mentioning your sacrifice in the meaning of "national altar" we won’t allow – especially the young generation – to forget about mentioned situation – national tragedy which is difficult to accept, about the victims of catastrophy and about the need to respect other people and their achievements…"

Meanwhile the celebration Tadeusz Mordasiewicz has began his speech. Invited believers of many religions started common prayings in front of the statue which resembled this tragic event. Even though the morning was rather cold, there came many different people who wanted to honor the dead of the victims, leave symbolic flowers and to ignite snitches near the obelisk together.

Obelisk revealed in 2010 in fact is a scattered plane made with raw metal so while getting rusty it symbolizes bleeding. National symbol has been implemented in a peculiar place out there for a reason - making sure memory of these days won’t fade.

Board of AKJ.

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