[ 2012.05.01 ] Army 1 May Weekend as a season opening day for the Airport of Wilamowo!

Like a bear weaking up after the long winter slumber, 1 May was spreading a positive havoc in the airport of Wilamowo since the first beam of morning sunlight. Many people walking around, taking destined places with battle army cars as a special public sighseeing attraction or organising places to put merchant tents suggested last preparations for some kind of an event in the airport. However, what was really going on? Well, it already became a tradition that the day of 1 May as the Army weekend day has been the one to open the cycle of extraordinary parties stuffed with events pre-made for 2012 year. One of our most relevant events in terms of huge public show in last 8 years was (and still is) Army weekend of 1 May. This year weather meanwhile the event was really magnificent or even too excellent as for our flying expectations tough.
Despite the high temperature grade a lot of participants and invited guests arrived to the airport unexpectedly (spectators and co-organisers of attraction season of Wilamowo).
Planning of 1 May has been rich in events since 9am ‘till 9pm and was really symphatized by the guests who enjoyed it all day long. Exposition of military stuff of 15th Mechanized Brigade of Giżycko and parachuting (3 jumps) supported by the Border Guards. Tutorial flying of AN-2, Cessna 172 and Morane 893 E planes, rapid action of Border Guards special units as well as competition in such disciplines as shooting and UAZ car driving has been enjoyed all day long while beeing splitted in time properly. The most important part and patriotic accent of the Army 1 May Weekend was graceful speech refering to the event of Poland joining European Union anniversary, National Flag Holiday (02.05) and Constitution of Poland being wrote down and signed (03.05). Right in the middle of afternoon of 1 May with the assistance of Honour Brigade from 15th Mechanized Brigade of Giżycko and Army Orchestra accompany on National Anthem the National flag was raised. There were also few speeches spoke by random guests the same as talking about the attractions taking place simulteanously as well as bidding a farewell for the victims of plane crushes like Cassa at Mirosławiec or TU 154 in Smoleńsk. After the speeches there was many opportunities to face others in pre-planned competitions, watching shows or even taking a nap and meal outside while breathing fresh masurian air ‘till the very late evening. For tired of recent activities there was official menu to pick from and ejnoy eating local quisine like "bigos" (sauerkraut-and-meat stew). After announcing invitation for bigos out there, enormous queue formed immidiately to the Aviator Tavern. There was so many interested and hungry people that unfortunately amounts overcalculated expectations of Military Park Foundation (main hoster of the event) and we ran out of food real fast. As You can see not only the 1 May Holiday but also local food is being well and equally celebrated in the airport of Wilamowo.

Taking everything into account 1 May of Army basing on the comments of people was fully competitive, well-arranged and filled with exciting and breathtaking events day of May. Making long story short – it was: army-like, with not a single glimpse of boredom and most of all – delicious (that’s right, we mean bigos!). With this superlative accent we’d like to announce we believe we have had season (of parties of AeroClub initiated by Military Park Foundation) officially and gladly opened. Neverthless it’s just the beggining of shape of things to come. We woud like You to come for all planned parties in the following season such as „Mazury AirShow 2012" (being the main and well-known attratcion Europe-wide). For all of You who are interested in our offer we advise You to check our website www.lotniskoketrzyn.pl where in page „Kalendarz Imprez/ Event’s Calendar" we’ve put entire schedule.

Stanisław Tołwiński

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