[ 2012.06.04 ] AVIATION RALLY & EURO 2012 !!!

We’re planning to mix the fun of visiting airports with the mass cheering (rally crews) EURO 2012 program June 8-9 soon enough. We would love to see You there! We’ll see The Grand EURO 2012 Opening June 8 at the airground of Kikity. We also will have a seat together after Kikity Cup (aimed landing and score announcements) to watch the Poland - Greece match on the great plasma screen after visiting Elbląg, Olsztyn Dajtki and Gryżlin.

For those of You who are interested in our rally - there will be 50km distance keep from the nearest EURO towns/cities restriction. Using this knowledge wisely we hope to plan a strategy to proceed with our flights during EURO 2012 without any collisions or crushes as well as keep everyone safe. Also consider our suggestion below please.

As a matter of fact we plan to begin our event 8-10 June. We’re having a catholic holiday 7 June („Boże Ciało”) thus it’s being a day-off. You should be alarmed and convinced to come to Kętrzyn even earlier (due to the restrictions) - like 6 June evening would be great. If You do so You will be announced and take part in pre-made wonderful and unique canoeing in the river of Krutynia.

We’ve been informed that many crews are gonna take part in the upcoming event (though they haven’t signed in yet). Be sure to make Your time since we need it as well for proper preparations like acomodations and logistics. Don’t wait untill the very last minute with the registration if You want to participate in the fourth (already) Airports and Airgrounds of Warmia & Mazury Rally either!

See You in Mazury at the Airport of Wilamowo!

Stanisław Tołwiński


Rally 2012 Preliminary Program  

06.06.2012 – Wednesday (recommended for the arrival – I day unofficial)

1600-1800 Kętrzyn airport’s crews arrival – implementation of individual program, accordingly to the reported crews, supported by “FlyTour” (tourism office).
1800-2000 Accommodation in hotels and guesthouses in accordance with the previously reported crews.
2000-2200 Integration evening in “Awiator” tavern (optional).

07.06.2012 – Thursday (“Boże Ciało”– II day unofficial - right before the Rally)

1000-1700 Wednesday 06.06 tourism program for the crews: canoeing in Krutynia as main and other attractions. Enjoy recreational stay while waiting for the rally.
1600-1800 Arrival crews to Kętrzyn – implementation individual program, accordingly suggestion reported crews, supported by “FlyTour”(office of tourism).
1800-1930 Accommodation in hotels and guesthouses In accordance with the previously reported crews.
1930-2300 Briefing and integration evening in “Aviator” tawern (optional).

08.06.2012 – Friday (I day of the Rally)

0800-0830 Briefing pilots – preparing the aircraft for departure from Kętrzyn.
0845-0945 Flight to the Elbląg – landing (accuracy, scoring).
0945-1300 Stay in Elbląg Aeroclub, celebration of 100 years flying traditions In Elbląg. It is an opportunity to meet the media and autorithies of Elbląg.
1300-1330 Flight to Dajtki airport in Olsztyn (scored landing).
1330-1450 Stay in Olsztyn according to the program of the city hosts and Warmińsko-Mazurski Aeroclub, talking with the media.
1450-1515 Flight to the Gryźliny airport (scored landing).
1515-1615 Stay in Gryźliny according to the program the country district in Olsztyn and the community of Stawiguda.
1615-1700 Flight to the Kikty airport (scored landing).
1700-1800 Announcement of the results of the Kikity CUP.
1800-1945 Euro 2012. Watch the match: Poland – Greece.
1945-2030 Flight back to the airport of Kętrzyn Wilamowo – anchoring aircraft.
2030-2300 Official evening - an integration in “Awiator” tavern. Watching the match: Russia – Czech Republic (star 2045)

09.06.2012 – Saturday (II day of the rally)

900-930 Briefing pilots – discussion of the program of the day and competition planned by the jury.
930-1000 Preparing the aircraft for departure.
1000-1040 Flight to the Babięty airstrip (scored landing).
1040-1400 Adventure with Krutynia – canoeing. Program full of suprises according to the invention of Marcin Stan – hoster of the airstrip.
1400-1430 Flight to the "Mazury Residence" airstrip in Giżycko - Bystry near the Niegocin Lake (scored landing).
1430-1730 A bit of of relax and boat sailing.
1730-1750 Flight to the Kętrzyn Wilamowo airport. Anchoring aircraft.
1800-1945 Euro 2012 – watching the day’s first match.
1945-2300 Social evening in “Awiator” tavern – dinner, competitions in shooting with different kinds of weapons, watching the match (start 2045).

10.06.2012 – Sunday (III day of the rally)

1000-1030 Briefings pilots – discussion of the program of the day, scoring rules and navigation route of the flight of The Great Masurian Lakes AeroClub.
1030-1045 Preparing the aircraft for departure.
1045-1230 Flight by scored navigation route – diagnosed by the images of objects on the route. Coming back to the Kętrzyn Wilamowo airport.
1230-1330 Aviation lunch in “Awiator” tavern.
1330-1400 Official end of the rally, announcement of the competition results, awarding the winners with trophies, diplomas and certificates for participating in the Rally. Further stay in The Great Masurian Lakes AeroClub (optional).

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