[ 2012.06.07 ] First upcoming crews... already at the airport of Wilamowo in Kętrzyn!

June 6. Crews participating in the International Warmia & Mazury Airports Rally appeared already at the airpott of Wilamowo near Ketrzyn! Even though event starts at June 8 and will last ‘till June 10 those of You who will arrive at our airport earlier will be given an opportunity to taste the kindness and skills of our local hosters. Thursday ("Boże Ciało" day) is destined for arriving and integration of the participants. Having a dinner in Aviator’s Tavern or canoeing together is just a drop in the ocean of what’s going to happen afterwards!

We would like to remind You that International Warmia & Mazury Airports Rally is taking place fourth time in a row already! It happens to be a great chance for those of You who would like to test Your flying limits or/and sightsee the local nature. Organizers have prepared a lot of attractions as much in the air as on the ground! You can obviously consider watching EURO 2102 together one of them!

The Great Masurian Lakes AeroClub

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