[ 2012.08.11 ] Thanks for all devoted people

The XIV Friends of Aviation and Masuria International Fly-In (with Mazury AirShow as it’s final) has finally came to an end. Now is the time for giving it a thought, sum up things and to thank everyone. Knowing how hard it was to prepare the biggest airshow event of the year we would like to thank people who helped in our common effort to create an event of European scale and without whom it wouldn’t be possible.

Thank You for unlimited support – co-workers, volounteers, pilots, event security forces and people/institutions who/which have been supporting our cause with a great passion and have been helping organizers with particular requests. We also would like to thank our partners who have supported us financially and our media partners as well as logistics and internet partners (including hotels). Thanks to everyone word about our event has spread country-wide and abroad. With a proper distance we will take everything into account about our event including the opinions of the people – discussed on many portals – about the unbelievable success of "Mazury AirShow 2012".

We are aware of some minor mistakes we’ve made during the event but as an attraction of the region of the Great Lakes Mazury Airshow 2012 has been rated with really a high grade. We will gladly accept any suggestions of what could be improved in our event – please contact us via e-mail: port@lotniskoketrzyn.pl [1] – in the following events of AKJ.

XV Edition is ahead of us (modest jubilee), new challenges and higher priority goals. We’re already thinking about it and gathering interested volounteers and potential partners. – sponsors who are ready to support us financially.

Having a previous experience of our co-workers (highly engaged in our common cause) we are able to reach more and more ambitious plans.
Once more – Thank You very much everyone… and see You again in the next year of jubilee edition.

AKJ Board

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