Friday's morning (7.09.2012) after the briefing and talking to reporters of TVP OLSZTYN we had 15 planes with 34 people on board leaving according to the plan - from Ketrzyn to Druskienniki. The first day was entirely devoted to Druskienniki itself. After the flight we accommodated ourselves in the hotel and took a road to the Snow Arena, where everybody had a lunch and then we split into 2 groups - ski and the ones who wanted to take a ship across Niemen. After the rally itself I'll try to describe the emotions we felt and the moments we had a little bit more detailed. After the quick break (Saturday) we left to Kowno (Kaunas) where after 1 hour stay at the Kaunas Aeroklubas we headed to Tauroge. In next 45 min. we landed with the strong wind on the unknown (to us) airport. It was an Agro Airport and now it's private property (Kostas Bastakys) - Aeroclub Tauroge ia active there since 5 years. We took a road trip to the city with our countrymates and the hosters of the event as soon as the last plane landed. We've sightseen the city, had a suitable lunch and gave a look to the line park. We've been amazed by the peculiar friendly-attitude of the local hosters. As we parted we've promised we're gonna make it here again. Minds full of thoughts and feeling and stomachs full of local quisine we came back to Kaunas to make it to the evening happenings due to the Days of Hanza. As of now - we still are lucky with the weather, skilled pilots and intriguing people. Our Lithuanian friend, hoster Algimentas Zentelis effectively comes up with a solutions even to the most complicated wishes we have. So the rally carries on and Sunday seems to be second to none in attractions as well! It's time for another break! Good night!

Stanisław Tołwiński

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