[ 2012.09.09 ] It's already after the rally… but here's some more info!

We've spent Sunday on buying "tasty" products and souvenirs from the Kaunas square in the middle of the Days of Hanza according to the plan. At the airport of Aleksotas (where our planes have been) we arrived at 11:00am. After the quick briefing, tanking the fuel and planes preparations for the departure we headed to the last planned lithuanian airport in Sasnava (near Marjiampole). After 15 minutes that we left Kaunas, we've already landed in Sasnava where we've been welcome by the board of AeroClub Marjiampole and - confused with the amount of planes - group of spectators and people learning to parachute. It's been a nice meeting with the local hosters, eating tatsy sandwitches, giving and receiving the presents and then after an hour official departure back to Ketrzyn and grande finale of the rally. Aviator's Tavern after few days of absence suddenly came to life again with the help of rally crews. Few last words from the Rally Commander and last preparations to say goodbye signalized the inevitable final of this wonderful event. Time to come back for mother airports has finally come. There was an enormous queue to the runaway that day.

We're putting some pictures as well, so You might have a clue what it's been like there. This time even from the Snow Arena in Druskieninkai but the full gallery will be implemented the other time when we shall already have all the necessary materials. So by the way I'd like to convince the rally crews to send us (to the airport address) all the pictures You took in the meanwhile. Thank You everyone for the wonderful and unlimited passion for our activity and that You've been there with us.

All of the rally participants and those who sympathize with us - I greet You with affection!

Stanisław Tołwiński

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