The representatives of the Fortis Corp. gave me an unique watch as a proof of their appreciation for the hosters during the final of Mazury AirShow 2012 over the Niegocin Lake. Among all gathered people I've announced that we're going to set this watch on an public auction during the charity concert pllaned by Goldapian Aid Group under the name of "We help Ann". Then it happened and the description of our "The Great Masurian lakes AeroClub" support of this issue resembles the script given… from Goldap.

The outcome of the auction was unexpectedly good. Gratulations for the Goldapian initiators and hosters of the concert and we wish the best of health to Ann!!! We would like to thank Fortis Corp. for the appreciation for the organizers and we wish a lot of satisfaction and joy to the new owner of the watch.

Stanisław Tołwiński

P.S. I would like to invite You to read the Goldapian Aid Group script below.


There was a III Charity Concert 10.08.2012 on the scene of Goldapian Culture House 10.08.2012 organized by the members of the Goldapian Aid Group. This time citizens and other people of the warm heart were gathering the money to help goldapian citizen Ann Kaminska, who is sick (SM). Marek Galazka great writer and songs author was the main attraction of the evening (he also took a part in charity concert). The spectators welcomed him with a big applause.

The income of the auction happened to be 18,000zl. In the beginning of the concert hosters were surprised by the really nice speech of the President of The Great MAsurian Lakes AeroClub - Mr. Stanisław Tołwiński, who has been been supported by Director of the AeroClub Adam Dzieciol (both in the beautiful uniforms). Even though Stanisław Tołwiński has already paid for the flight for 3 people over the Mazury both gentleman went on the scene being given more and more presents. There was books of the first polish space program pilot Miroslaw Hermaszewski with his sign, tickets for Safari, T-shirt with Mazury AirShow emblem and swiss watch funded by Fortis from the limited edition series (200 watches only) memorizing the flight of Stanislaw Skarzynski over the Atlantic Ocean (RWD 5b). This unique watch was sold for 3000 PLN.

Concert ended with rewarding the Group of Beautiful Heart and sharing the big cake with an audience. (from the friends of Ann). Everyone was impressed.

Then after few days there was a griup of people at the Wilamowo who won the flight over the Mazury region. President invited the Director of Goldapian Aid Group as well. We really would like to thank Stanisław Tołwiński for the wonderful help and we wish him best.

Goldapian Aid Group

(script implemented with an approval of the owners of the portal)

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