[ 2012.10.06 ] For the Glory of The Great Polish Men!

In the morning and before afternoon 6th October at the airport of Wilamowo in Ketrzyn there was an unique event being held. Preparations for the valuable event (not like casual AKJ events). Grand Finale of the Memorial Days of S. Cardinal Wyszyński and Jan Paweł II Event. It’s already 12th Memorial Days in a row at the Airport of Wilamowo. Event’s devoted to the memory of our Milennium Primate S.Card. Wyszyński.

It’s a symbolic relation to the fact that Primate has been taken from our airport 6th October 1954 1:00pm. When the plane along with the guards and Cardinal himself left the Airport.

According to that every year 6th October (the nearest Saturday to that date) we’re celebrating the memory of Great Polish Men at the Airport of Wilamowo here in Ketrzyn since 12 years already.

This year we’ve opened the event with putting the soldier squad on guard (15 GBZ) at 12:30 over the monuments of Jan Paweł II and Stefan Card. Wyszyński.We were completely ready at 12:50. There was an Army Orchestra, Honorable Company, teenagers from the schools which heroes are Jan Pawel II and S.Card.Wyszyński and the representatives of the local community at the square.

1:00pm (the time of the plane departure years ago) we’ve started the Grand Speech including rising of the Country Flag, and National Anthem as well as the speech given by Priest Kazimierz Żuchowski. We had welcome all the visitors warmly.

Diana Zatylna accented the last part of the ceremony with her Memorial Speech assisted by gunshot of the 15 GBZ soldiers.

The Second Part of the ceremony was the Liturgy in the hangar. Priest Infułat Adolf Stelak was the main celebrity.

Among the airplanes, with the choir under the wing of PZL 104 WILGA, and army orchestra time of the litursy ran really fast in the atmosphere of thoughts and relief.

For the people who participated in our event for the first time it must have been really a wonderful experience.

After the Liturgy everyone could taste local quisine in our Aviator’s Tavern (sauer-kraust etc). There was symbolic slices of bread giving to the guests as well. There were many teenagers gathering around the tables of the Tavern (but not only them!).

With this happy accent we’ve finished the celebration at the Airport of Wilamowo in Ketrzyn (despite of the bad rainy weather). It’s been already 60 years since the events in 1954.

So See You in the next year celebration! We would like to invite You to Stoczek Klasztorny! We would like to invite You to the Airport of Wilamowo in Ketrzyn as well! Feel free to check out our gallery from the current year Memorial Days Event below!

Stanisław Tołwiński

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