[ 2012.10.05 ] Memorial Days in Stoczek Klasztorny

Memorial Day of Stefan Cardinal Wyszyński and Jan Pawel II has been turned into „Memorial Days” since few years thanks to energetic priest of unique personality – Grzegorz Deryngowski (Custodian of the Sanctuary in Stoczek Klasztorny). We’ve planned to prepare those events together – Friday in Stoczek Klasztorny and next day (Saturday) at Ketrzyn Wilamowo about 1:00pm o’clock.

There’s a short speech about current Memorial Days in Stoczek by the Priest Grzegorz. Feel free to read it.!

As we celebrate the event for the 12th time in a row we’re about to describe how did it go at the airport as well!

Stanisław Tołwiński

Memorial Days of Milennium Primate

Stoczek Klasztorny 5.X.2012

At the beginning of October Stoczek welcomes newcoming pilgrims with the golden and red leafes, warm sunbeams in the noon, and fresh morning air.

Day of the Primate Events – 5th October was about to be a cold but sunny day. At the late afternoon big drops of water poured the heads of the pilgrims in road to the Kalwaria in the monastery’s garden. Someone said to the priest: Excuse me Father, You’ve forgot an Aspersio (pouring with blessed/holy water) and the Heaven’s done it’s work instead. It reminded me of an evil evening in 1953, when the Primate – prisoner taken to Stoczek first time in the “new home”.

The pilgrims gre in numbers during the new Anniversary of the Cardinal Wyszyński’s Capture as well as the Warmia & Mazury regional Governors, Marshal and Representative of the Primate Institute Mrs. Iwona Czercińska, Headmasters and teachers of the School under the name of Milennium Primate and Jan Paweł II. He had Stanisław Tołwiński – President of The Great Masurian Lakes AeroClub and the Owner of the Ketrzyn Wilamowo Airport and the main initiator and organizer of the airport events along here as well. At the exact same time 6th October 1954 S. Wyszyński has been moved to Prudnik ¦l±ski. It was the real pleasure having the students there as well. It’s an anniversary of a man who like the Bible Hiob lost everything but not his hope.

Primate has put the cross in the garden (from the sticks). He balanced it with the stones and the bricks. It was his Kalwaria. After 60 years we’re still having new generations coming and visiting here. They stop by and light the lamps. It is indeed needed to celebrate the memory of those patriotic events.

Priest Grzegorz Deryngowski MIC
Custodian of the Sanctuary in Stoczek Klasztorny

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