[ 2010.08.17 ] Cessna Grand Caravan aircraft for unconventional air tourism!
Between 13 - 15 August at the airfield Ketrzyn Wilamowo stationed Cessna Grand Caravan plane, my dream for the activation of tourism of General Awiation.The crew and passangers  of this   beautiful and multifunctional Cessna came from Poznan to relax by  sailing during the weekend  in the Great Masurian Lakes. Taking advantage of this unexpected air visit  (Cessna Grand Caravan), sail Masurian lovers, I recommend ... all and sundry ... this wonderful aircraft for specialized air tourism but also for the various operational and dispatching flights.Cessna Grand Caravan is ideal for creating and developing a new product - Aviation Tourism named  for example '' By Plane To Masuria Miracle of Nature''. Aircraft and its use, I strongly recommend for  hotels from Masuria  and their foreign agents - building up the tourist offer of Masuria on the season of spring, summer and autumn 2011. .Aircraft  clears space at speeds up to 340 km / h and can take two crew members  and twelve passangers.Suspended carrier enables to transport the necessary equipment of air tourists..So  it has incredible advantages worth using in a new form of tourism.To illustrate its appearance here  are a few photos!

I hope that I inspired  hotel managers and tourism agencies a new means for the implementation of tourism projects! I encourage the discussion about new products and declare the widest possible assistance in refining the logistics in the aviation industry!

Stanisław Tołwiński

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