[ 2010.09.13 ] Rally at the airports of Lithuania is done! A new cycle has started promoting Mazur!
            Air  Rally at the airport of Lithuania lasted from Saturday to Sunday. Friday evening at the airport Kętrzyn Wilamowo arrived 26 aircraft. As usual evening (Friday) was used to discuss the procedures and logistics throughout the rally at the airport in Lithuania. And after working part-navigation and a very nice evening, socially-inclusive. The morning of Saturday September 11 was negative with the program to implement the Race. Despite the collection of all the team at the airport about 07 00 (for the planned departure of the 07 30) pilots and cabin crew have to be patient. There have been getting longer while waiting for improved visibility and cloud base. However, not all of people hold out pressures and uncertainty about the chances of departure to Lithuania. Unfortunately, due to unfavorable weather conditions (on the east side of the airport) and a significant delay in the start of Race, 4 crews withdrew from participation in the Rally on Saturday afternoon and left the airport Kętrzyn going to their homes.
          Weather conditions have improved enough to be able to submit a flight plan, only about
4 pm. . Short briefing of pilots, discuss routes to Druskininkai and everyone moved on to start as soon as possible from Wilamowo. Cavalcade of aircraft launched in accordance with the findings - from the fastest to slowest, closing team racing planes. Maintaining an appropriate separation of the space Rally team occupied 50 km from the starting (first) to the final plane.
          After a demonstration of our group of aircraft landing at an airport rally in Druskininkai Participations visited the impressive water park, Druskininkai and an evening spent integrating with the Lithuanian crew at the dinner and taking part in a special concert in a very atmospheric restaurant "Kolonados”.
          On Sunday, the weather in Lithuania was the dream of soaring flight. After breakfast the crew were transported to the airport, which left their planes. After a short briefing and preparation of soaring machine crew flew to the airport Paluknys, where  waited on the landing accuracy.
          After visiting the airport, knowing very modern training center (training devices) pilots on Boeing 737, went to Kaunas. At the airport after landing Aleksotas surprise rally crews waiting for them polonia ( Poles living abroad) in Lithuania. Groups of Poles brought with it a Polish flag and children held white-red and Lithuanian flags. After landing participations went to greet their arriving guests. Then Poles living abroad  began to sing known traditional Polish folk songs and patriotic. Emotion was mingled with joy. After a short conversation we all did the "family" pictures on the background of Polish flags brought by the hosts. One of the pilots taking part in the rally pulled out from his airplane white-red flag with an eagle in the crown to make a photo. This flag accompanied him in many places in the world, including during the mission in Iraq.
           After a few moments for the photographers came time to snack cake, gift giving to both parties, and wishes all the best.
           After an exchange of mutual sympathy evidence all went to the nearby Museum of Aviation, where the place had a press conference and rally ceremony.
           Among the arrivals at the conference were: First Secretary Embassy of Lithuania, Mr Peter Wdowiak, Mayor Birstonas Juozas Aleksandravicius, Vice-President of the Province of Warmia and Mazury Mr. Mirosław Nowakowski, President of the National Association of Aviation AOPA POLAND Mr. Blazej Krupa, representative of the Coordination Department for the Promotion Marshal's Office in Olsztyn, Mr Peter Pancer, Vice-Voyt of the Community Giżycko Thomas Juszkiewicz, Secretary of the Community Gizycko Dariusz Grygiencza.
          Among the arrivals were also representatives of the tourism industry and the Lithuanian and Polish media, led by the Polish Press Agency .
          All the speakers in their speeches to pay particular attention to the possibility of air tourism as a new form of open contacts between Polish and Lithuania and to work towards a joint creation of a new tourism product, ie, just air tourism. Among those present was also President  Aero Club of  the Lake District Stanislaw Tołwiński. AKJ was the initiator and co-organizer of the Rally of airports in Lithuania.
          The next stage of the conference was to present the competition for a new miracle of Nature. Masuria - finalist trying to get the name of this title. Hence, the International Air Rally at the airports of Lithuania was also the inauguration of a new cycle of promotional Mazur: "Masurian Wonder Tour."
          Numerous meeting participants had the opportunity to admire the Masuria through multimedia presentations, long minute movie encompassing the beauty of the region. However, it is difficult to show all the wealth of Mazur within tens of minutes. Therefore encouraged to vote for Masuria during the contest and invited attendees to visit our country.
          Unfortunately, all good things must end. It was no different for this rally. After the conference, the pilots went to their aircraft in preparation for the flight. Most of the crews came from central and southern Poland. So they will have a long way to go. Crews had to get to  home airports before dusk, because most of the planes came from the airports, where there was no lighting to allow takeoffs and landings at night.
          After the rally left many impressions and positive emotions, and great sorrow that he had to end so quickly. Certain aspects of the course will have an opportunity to return.
          The uniqueness of the expedition confirmed all of the crew. Most of them arrive at the airport Ketrzyn Wilamowo in June for the International Air Rally at the airports of Warmia and Mazury. Many of them for a joint expedition will invite their friends and acquaintances.
           Rally was part of a project entitled. " The inauguration of Cross-border Tourism Aviation" carried out by three friendly air-clubs: Aero Club of the Lake District (Poland), Aeroklubas Kauno (Lithuania) and Mariampoles Aeroklubas (Lithuania). The project is co-financed by the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund.
Kamil Purłan

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