[ 2011.01.08 ] For the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity!
Appreciating the social significance of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity - shares initiated by Jurek Owsiak, the Aero Club of the Lake District Board decided it real - material support. Formally announced in the auction for the "... Orchestra of Christmas ..." flight over the Mazury, Aerobatic plane flight JAK-52 and  parachute jump during Masuria Airshow 2011. Regardless of the sites proposed for the auction but that will take place only during Masuria Airshow 2011, we also tabled our calendar listing "Masuria Aviation 2011" - which promotes Masuria and our most important aviation event. We hope that our initiative will be supported by many active participation in the auction by significant amount for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity.

For those interested in our offer and ready to participate in the auction, provide links to the full information:
In a tandem parachute jump in Masuria Airshow (numer 454221)
Aerobatic plane flight JAK-52 (numer 454192)

Calendar “Masuria Aviation 2011 (numer 454149)

Plane flight over the Land of the Great Lakes (numer 454097)

Participating in the auction we wish generosity and for the winners satisfaction with the support of a just cause and the well-deserved fun at the "consumption" winning bids.

Board of AKJ

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