[ 2011.07.11 ] Summary of the rally at airports of Czech Republic!
On July 8-10 Aero Club of the Lake District along with the Aero Club of Silesia and Leteckia ULLa acting school at the airport in Frydlandzie organized and performed once again ... International Rally, this time at airports in the Czech Republic. At this rally we have assumed the maximum number of participating aircraft to 15, but joined us uniquely Australian crew (nice young couple) carries out a 6-month journey through Europe. Reported planes and their pilots were presented in the documentation for the rally carried out by Jon Szachowicz on our website.

This time rally to the Czech Republic began with a meeting at the airport Katowice-Muchowiec (EPKM) which followed the first test for accuracy in landing. Muchowiec Airport, where the Aero Club of Silesia is the host (and the President is Andrew Wernicke), has become an important and a very nice step in the start (8.07.) and end (10.07.) another rally this year. The Rally Commander Duties adopted and consistently but also with great charm performs the tasks with the program known flight brothers (not only in Poland), Stefan Weker instructor pilot.

And what happens next in the rally team? After briefing the pilots and specially hand prepared by Stefan Wekera navigational materials about airports Czech Republic, tasty meal in the airport restaurant (at the invitation of Andrew Wernicke) Muchowiec airport air atmosphere came to life again - bustle with airplanes. According to the organizational arrangements between the hours of 15:00 to 16:00 Rally aircraft took off from Muchowiec, with the intention of reaching (after about 30 - 40 minutes) to the airport base in Frydland (LKFR).
When the last plane anchored in Frydland, Honza Spacek (our Czech partner of the Rally) organized a presentation of static and in flight several types of ultralight aircrafts. With interest, among others admired very efficient glider towing ULM.

Comments and bragging owners already having ULM was not the end. In the evening, airport bar orders realized measures which strengthen the atmosphere of discussion. Friday's discussions finished a need to rest overnight in a hotel "Paradise Bouda" - before Saturday's hardships tasks.

The main flight following Czech airports planned and carried out on Saturday (9.07). After the morning briefing pilots discussed the route, the principles of organization of flight and radio communications during the subsequent stages of the rally all the crew informed, went to the aircrafts. Later, to the crews came from Poland have joined a few crews of Czech. In total, on the common departure has prepared the "armada" 21 aircrafts. After starting from Frydland, at the beginning we landed on the airport Hranice (LKHN) and then Kromeriz (LKKM) where we took a longer break to visit the town on foot (some even had taken a bath in a local pond - because the sun was over 32 degrees) and we took opportunity to have lunch.

After lunch we went on! First direction Stichovice (LKSB) without landing and then we have a landing at the airport Sumperk (LKSU). The next and last visited the airport was Zabreh (LKZA) from which after a short stay and seeing the resources of aviation equipment, we went to the airport base - Frydland. The whole busy day ended before 19:00, to the delight of hungry pilots of Czech beer.

Hot day full of impressions justify a little slack in the social atmosphere of a friendly barbecue at the airport. Not developing theme evening, because each of the readers is able to imagine himself the "unique atmosphere". Most importantly, despite the many temptations that has been preserved proper moderation and ability to return aircraft to the "motherland".

On Sunday morning (around 10:00) all of the crew met for the last time for pre-flight briefing on - before departure to the Poland. Overview by Andrew Wernicke plans to end the rally at the next landing on the accuracy - at the airport Muchowiec, provide information about the possibility of refueling at the airport in Avgassu Kanev and say goodbye to our hosts in Frydland was the signal the end a nice adventure with the airports in the Czech Republic.

Again, the crew welcomed Muchowiec airport rally and test (already out of competition - no prizes) for accuracy landing skills. Despite the full mobilization of pilots, unfortunately not all could be classified as "the box" but the training was useful. According to the earlier announcement about 13:00 we started to complete the rally - at the elegantly set table.

President Andrew Wernicke dispelled hopes for special prizes of the evaluation accuracy landing on Friday, announcing the official results and the first 3 places. Waiting for the best prizes - mining pickaxes painted in gold, silver and bronze, plus a special diplomas. They found their way to: Richard Zielinski OK-JUR08 (first place), Boguslaw Kafarski SP-KHB (second place) and Zdzislaw Siekierda SP-SIEK (third place).

The summary, fine organization, information exchange and tasty dishes typical Silesian completed the rally realized joy. So the next departures followed only by their own plans, and 30 minutes after the common "Lunch" at the airport, leaving only aircraft the Aero Club Silesia.

All aircrew - full of adventures - even on this day safely returned to their home airport. And in the evening ....!!!

Writing these words, a short report of our rally, I would like on behalf of all participants (I think) to thank for the the Aero Club of Silesia, and especially President Andrew Wernicke for persuading me to choose Muchowiec for perfect protection of different things rally team, the efficient conduct of competition in accuracy landing, unique hospitality also expressed Slask dishes tasty cuisine and a very creative social activities. Andrew without your involvement and personal participation of the rally would not be the same!
Podziękowania należą się Stefanowi Wekerowi jako Komandorowi Rajdu i dla Honzy Spacka - naszego gospodarza we Frydlandzie. Mam nadzieję że wszyscy docenią (bo ja tak) pracę naszego rajdowego fotoreportera Jana Szachowicza, który natychmiast po powrocie przystąpił do opracowania fotos- serwisu - galerii z Rajdu. Thanks are due to Stefan Weker as commander for the rally and Honzy Spack - our host in Frydland. I hope that everyone will appreciate (as I do) the work of our photographer Jon Szachowicz, which began immediately after his return to draw fotos-service - the gallery of the rally.

The last words I address to the participants of the rally. With you organize Rallies, spending the time to overcome unexpected difficulties "aura", mobilize to new tasks, it is an honor and a pleasure. I am full of praise for the level of training, a proper understanding of aviation disciplines, social activities and personal culture. Thank you for you reply was that its participation at my invitation and for the fact that you guys are how you are!

Colleagues Pilots! See you at the Friends of Aviation and Masuria International Fly-in on 4-7 August (the finale will be Mazury Airshow 2011) and at the International Rally at airports of Lithuania on 9-11 September 2011.

Kind regards

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