[ 2011.08.12 ] Summary Mazury Airshow 2011
Last weekend was a true celebration of the fans air shows and aviation enthusiasts. In Gizycko, over the Lake Niegocin held a unique event - Mazury Airshow 2011.
The last two days were a attraction for all lovers of aviation. The audience gathered at the lake Niegocin could admire an unusual air show.
This year in Giżycko could see: The Flying Bulls. Czech acrobatic group, headed by an extremely talented woman - Radka Machova, which showed that it is a world-class team. Group presented many difficult figures, including: a mirror. In the sky appeared the Polish group: Biało – Czerwone Iskry (White-Red Sparks). Five military jet airplanes under the command: pilot Major Thomas Czerwinski. They showed the possibility of "Sparks" in the sky, leaving streaks of smoke in the national colors.
Due to the nature of the event, which took place in the Great Masurian Lakes, could not miss seaplanes. In this role, was unrivaled aircraft Sikorsky S-38. The only copy of flying in the world-famous amphibian aircraft, also known as "Flying yacht Discoveries." The machine was very popular in the 20s and 30 twentieth century, was used by the airlines and the U.S. Army. A copy of that presented during the Masuria airshow also famous for his "performance" in the movie "The Aviator." In other machines adapted for landing on water was a Cessna 172 on floats, ultra-light helicopter equipped with floats - Kompress CH-7 (ZUT Wroclaw) and hydro powered glider.
Also presented a historical aircraft such as Luscombe Phantom Silver II, RWD-5 and Yak-18. Also, you could admire the moto-glider J-6 Fregata, gyroplanes: Calidus and Xenon and polish AT-3 aircraft. On the second day of demonstrations in the sky over Niegocin all seen the legendary DC-3 Dacota - american transport aircraft, developed in 1935 on request of American Airlines, recognized as the most trouble-free airplane in the world.
During the air show acrobatics could not miss. Next to The Flying Bulls showed great class guy from Germany - Uwe Zimmerman on Extra 200S aircraft. Also ¦l±sk group represented by Arthur Kielak and Łukasz Swiderski two Extra 330LX and Ireneusz Rozum, on the airplane Skybolt 300 presented an excellent show.
People who wanted to see the planes closely participate in shows or talk to their pilots could do at the airport Kętrzyn Wilamowo. From Wilamowo also held promotional flights for the entire audience as part of Masuria Wonder of Nature.
In addition to aviation attractions, admired night fireworks from the harbor and a military band concerts during the preparations for the opening ceremony and ending Mazury Airshow 2011.

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