[ 2011.11.21 ] Plebiscite ... Eagle Aviation 2011! Vote on http://lotniczeorly.pl/. We invite you to active participation!

From 15th November www.lotniczapolska.pl already initiated for the second time vote in the Plebiscite of Internet users, "Eagles Aviation 2011". This is a very interesting form of practices to support the development of aviation. This year, the title of Eagle Aviation will be awarded in 13 categories, of which the title Man of the Year in the division of aviation discipline. Similarly to the first edition of the Plebiscite, and now prizes will be awarded by Internet users.

For all sympathizers of "Mazury Airshow" and friends of Aero club of the Lake District, with great joy we communicate that we were nominated to competition for the title of Eagle Aviation in 2 categories.

Mazury Airshow "were nominated in the category" Aviation Event of the Year "and the Aero Club of the Lake District in the category" Promoter of the Year. " This certainly gives us a lot of satisfaction for the great effort to implement the tasks undertaken to promote aviation, despite the lack of financial resources and with full voluntary preparation and conduct flight events.

Congratulations to our competitors, despite some incomparable statement of candidates for the title "... professional sports (Radom Air Show - ticket and professional Air Force facilities) and amateur (Mazury Airshow - where free entry and staff volunteers) business and associations " non profit "which is the Aero Club of the Lake District - is maintained with private funds the family of the President of AKJ.

Although this (not comparable) situations we want to invite (mobilized) of all supporters and friends to cope with serious competition in this year's Plebiscite. So, we begin to Plebiscite with faith in a just-balanced assessment, and all are welcome to vote. After selecting the address http://lotniczeorly.pl/ you can vote in 13 categories and particularly we recommend view categories: " Aviation Event of the Year " and "Promoter of the Year". The voice can be cast every 24 hours. We would appreciate Your participation in the Plebiscite, your time and support our candidates (Mazury Airshow and AKJ), participation in the vote.

Board of AKJ

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