[ 2012.01.01 ] Welcome in New Year 2012!

Greetings to all our Friends. We wish you many successes and a lot of circumstances to a well-deserved joy! The joy of aviation visits in Masuria region, airport Wilamowo and "Mazury AirShow 2012"!

As we have already mentioned about new year and our friends, it is worth boast of a nice surprise from Tom Schrade (the owner and pilot of Sikorsky S-38) with whom we became friends during Mazury AirShow 2011. Tom remembering the pleasant stay at Masuria, in the Majatek Wajsznory and at our airport, together with greetings, sent from the Philippines, a beautiful model Sikorsky S-38,which we present (each side) after a small photo session.

Tom announcing sending the model also wrote in the email "I hope… all the Great people at the Aero Club have a Very Merry Christmas and a Great New Year. I also have a photo album I will be sending from the US right after the 1st of the year.

I hope to return to You next year. The Sikorsky is currently in Welzow Germany and I am hopeful to bring it to Air Shows in Europe next summer. No plans for flying it back to the US.... at least not yet.

Of course, Tom and the crew of a flying yacht explorers Sikorsky S-38 will always be welcome, can count on our friendship, hospitality, Majatek Wajsznory and applause of the audience during Mazury AirShow 2012. Dear Tom! We will be waiting for you and Sally - your charming companion

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