[ 2012.05.12 ] The Raid around Warmia & Mazury airports and EURO 2012 !!!

It’s about time to organise a journey to The Great Masurian Lake AeroClub and to apply for the next incoming raid around local airports and landing grounds. This year we’re going to mix the joy of visiting local airports with massive (raid crews) cheering Euro 2012 competition broadcasts. That is – while having a wonderful time necesserily with classical soccer fan (not a riot guy) gadgets. The Grand Opening is going to take place 8 June in the airfield of Kikity. With the „Kikity Cup” – aim and land event – finished, results announced and prices obtained by winners we’re going to have a seat together in front of the plasma TV. To those of You who are interested – we obviously can secure Your gadgets!

Additionally, if You want to participate in our raid we do have a detailed planning for You, which is an essential part of such events. As we know from the local media – to keep our planes and people safe it’s very important to reduce air launches around the cities where Euro 2012 matches are gonna take place (about 50km far from city). Advanced planning and strategy as well as using knowledge about reducing danger situations is probably the priority to keep us safe and not get anyone/anything hurt/damaged alongside with the raid crew. We strongly believe that mentioned suggestion is worth considering!

Officially, raid has been planned to take place 8-10 June. We’re having a „Boże Ciało” holiday (it’s a work-free day). Restricted air operations near the cities (Euro 2012) should convince upcoming crews interested in raid to come to Kętrzyn even earlier like to land in the city 6 June before the evening. If You do so and also have yourself booked earlier, hosters of the event will take care of every aspect of the show as well as making sure You’re gonna really enjoy the day of 7th June (Thursday – “Boże Ciało”) f.eg. canoeing in marvelous river in Krutyń.

In the independent page u can find a detailed info as well as upcoming latest news about the raid. To make things clearer (logistics of crews accomodation) we recommend to book the participation of raid crews and planes as soon as possible.

See You in Mazury and airport of Wilamowo, stay tuned!

Board of AKJ

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