[ 2012.04.12 ] Ełk is trying to… get an airport opened in it's territory!!!

As it turns out an energetic president of Ełk city wants to join new horizons project of 21th century - "Flying East Poland" (which also means "Cool East Poland" in polish). This project patronized and supported by Ełk, Krosno and Chełm provides airports constructing and modernization as well as making offers for flying industry. For more info we recommend You to check out the website www.dlapilota.pl

"It really made me happy that Ełk got so much engaged in the matter. I've been taking actions to make general aviation of Warmia & Mazury work efficiently since years. I'm trying to make existing airports and airfields famous by organizing events such as "International Raids of Warmia & Mazury Airports". This year we'll be having the fifth edidion of raids already planned for 08-10.06.2012. When I've Heard about Ełk President's plans I've tought to myself that it's kind of like our ideas (The Great Masurian Lakes AeroClub and Ełk Airport) were meant for each other. Mr. President keeping memory of our/mine effort in making common general aviation things better, invited me to work together to make our dreams come true.
As a first achievment we can count the vision of local territory near Pisanica (not far from Ełk) 11 April 2012. " This is going to be Ełk Airport in the near future.

In this Picture You can see (from the left): Tomasz Andrukiewicz, Anrzej Bezdziecki - Voyt of Kalinowo Borough, Stanisław Tołwiński – President of AKJ and Stefan Węgłowski - Head of Ełk City Council.

Territory shown has been a former airfield used by Germans in the times of World War II. Huge and flat field is wide even up to 1900m in a straight line – it's more than enough. Taking into account that VIABALTICA road is running near it we can pressume it makes connection things between the airport and the town even better. There is a hangar nearby, which after some renovation could be used for planes as well. It's really handy to start things off! It shouldn't take long before we'll see fully managed and working airport either if we'll proceed with an enthusiasm like that ‘till the end. First planes could land there in the next year already.

President of Ełk – Tomasz Andrukiewicz and Mr. Andzej Bezdziecki are really trying their best to make things done. "I'm ready to support this project with my heart and mind as well as with my entire experience in the matter if only Presisdent of Ełk will invite me to further cooperation once again."

The fact worth mentioning is one the city of Ełk as well as Council of Warmia & Mazury and city of Giżycko are interested in supporting any air activitives of our region from now on. Mr. President Tomasz Andrukiewicz unofficially confirmed that Ełk will be a partner of Mazury AirShow 2012 and as the following of our agrement 3 August we're going to initiate an airshow above the Ełk Lake as well. It's the perfect opportunity to invite the citizens and enthusiasts of flying from the city of Ełk for an entire Mazury AirShow 2012 4-5 August over Niegocin Lake.

Mr President! Keep up the good work!!!

Stanisław Tołwiński

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