There will be second edition of Teenage Shooting Contest (organized as a main theme of International Child’s Day) taking place soon enough (June 2) at the Wilamowo Airport. The Child’s Day (June 1, this year June 2) is an opened day for any child or teenager who’s interested in exploring history of Hitler’s previous HQ. First edition of the event was kind of famous out there. Hosters are counting on the same if not brighter success of the party this year. The event consists of many challenges like: different kind of weapons shooting alongside with aim and shoot contest as well as many others.

Military Park Foundation is organizer of the event. It’s being supported by The Great Masurian Lakes AeroClub and National Defense Ministry as a public show hoster.

Organizers have prepared many other challenges beside the contest itself. Every single participant can give it a „shot” and try our local cuisine - sauerkraut-and-meat stew as well as take a look at real regional bakery and baking oven (used for army bread baking). There is a piece for modeling and aviation fans too - manual steering flying plane models and inside-sightseeing the famous AN 2 plane and the one which General Jaruzelski flew on himself.

Moreover we’re having a piece for the art fans as well. The Great Masurian Lakes AeroClub along with Military Park Foundation do support young artists. There will be Konrad’s Żukowski (student of the Wojciech Kętrzyński Highschool in Kętrzyn, 17 years old) art show taking place in the Aviator’s Tavern June 2. This young and talented artist has been awarded with many titles and rewards (like in FAI Young Artists Contest (International Aviation Federation) for the art called „Silent Fly”).

Our event is destined for many people like: children, teenagers, adults, parents and for everyone who would like to spend that day in a wonderful family mood at the Airport of Wilamowo.

We recommend all of interesed participants to take part in signing in/registering (individually or in groups) here: wilamowo@lotniskoketrzyn.pl ‘till May 31. If You enjoy pretty much fun, sport challenges, airshows or aimed shooting You should visit - especially that sauerkraut-and-meat stew is free of charge!

We invite You for together FUN!

Fore more info check: www.militarypark.pl or
contact us via -email: wilamowo@lotniskoketrzyn.pl

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